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Mueni's Medical Fund

Hey guys! I've started a fundraiser to assist in raising funds for my mom.

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I would like to kindly request you to participate in raising funds for the treatment of my mom Grace Mueni. She was diagnosed in Sept 2016 with ALS, a crippling nerve disease which in conventional medication only one type of drug riluzole is available worldwide. Riluzole does not cure but slows down the wasting of the body. Therefore, it is worth noting that no conventional cure has been discovered. She has since lost ability to use her right hand and the illness is spreading to the left hand and right leg. 

An international REDCROSS hospital in China has had successes in reversing ALS since 2005 using non-conventional treatment like herbal tea, diet, physiotherapy and exercise. The duration is a for a minimum 2 months. We are therefore calling for help in raising Ksh 2.5m to urgently take her to China. 

Access to this treatment can be made possible through  your contributions via MPESA Paybill 891300 Account 9833.

We will be grateful for your prayers and any support. God bless! 
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