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Methuselah Oturu High Sch Ed.

We are calling upon well-wishers to help support the immensely gifted boy.

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Give Me Another Chance!

For Methuselah Oturu, the sky is the limit to what one can achieve regardless of their background or environment. The first born in a family of 4 children that hails from Tendere Village, Ogembo Division, Kisii County. In a family that barely survives on a single meal a day, Oturu defied all odds to post 400 marks in KCPE 2016 from a minnow Tendere Primary School to be among the best in the county. Despite the immense talent, ability, and passion to learn, his dreams of joining the prestigious academic giant, Friends School, Kamusinga are hanging on a thread awaiting fate to hold on or snap. Missing out on Equity Foundation’s Wings to Fly Program was a great setback to the ambitious Oturu. The father, Andrew Morang’a Oburu, 37, is a watchman in the neighboring Tendere Secondary School and the mother, Everline Morang’a is a housewife. As expected, the meager income cannot suffice the financial requirements of the national school. Despite applying to the various organizations for support, the father has received no feedback. The wings have been clipped but Oturu must fly! We are calling upon well-wishers to help support the immensely gifted boy. Any help will be highly appreciated as a little from the many pockets will bring forth something significant and sustainable.

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