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Tippytap Kenya is a community based nonprofit organization dedicated to create awareness on water sanitation & hygiene

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Greetings, adopt a tap campaign an initiative by tippytap-kenya a community based nonprofit organization, we are raising 3 million to able us install handwash stations equiped with soap and water in 30 schools within kawangware area

By end of last year over 20 deaths were recorded in kawangware area who succumbed to diarrhea pneumonia and vomiting cases. A visit to local clinics in the area where the records revealed that over 43% of patients seeking medical attention were women and children under 9yrs who portrayed signs of respiratory and stomach infections related to poor hygiene practices. The survey also revealed that out of the 32 schools in the area non had a handwash facility with soap and water.

Hand washing with soap can be thought as a do it yourself vaccine because it's easy, effective and affordable to save over 2million children every year who are dying from illnesses related to poor hygiene practices.

This is an investment in school children and the health of future generations. It helps children realise their full potential now and prepares them for healthy living as adults able to share this legacy when they become parents.

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