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Keep Girls In Class

We need 48 boxes of sanitary towels to keep 192 girls in class for a whole year.

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Poor maasai girls lose upto 5 days of school a month due to menstruation, losing almost half a month in a school term, not only cant they compete withboys but also have low self esteem and fear of soiling their dresses in class during this time of the month due to this thing they consider a curse.They are then forced to use other items in place of menstraul products such as pieces of mattresses and clothes, others use cowdung wrapped in clothe while some choose to sit on sand.  The malkia initiative Foundation(MIF) came up with a Menstraul health management program due to this plight, we keep girls in class by providing sanitary towels and sexual and reproductive workshops for the girls to understand and keep up menstraul hygiene.

In december last year Jeddy, the founder of MIF attended a workshop by YOUTH BANK INTERNATIONAL in sandton, Johannesburg. where she pitched and idea to keep girls, she won Ksh 3000 as  seed funding, this would see her get 1 box containing 48 packs. her winning idea though was to ask people to adopt the 48 packs for the price of 1box which is ksh 3000/ $30. If successfull 48boxes will be collected and will be able to keep 192 girls in class for 1 year.  

Be part of this movement to change the lives of this brilliant girls.  Adopt a pack or 2 maybe 10, better still you can share the word by sending this link to your friends.

They see girls we see the future.

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