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Borehole for percy davies

Please help us sink a borehole for children with autism at Percy Davies special school.

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Percy Davies special school- Kambiti is a mixed boarding school for learners with mental challenges. However, it has learners with multiple handicaps, orphans and others who are vulnerable. It has a total population of 84 pupils. The school does not have a permanent water source. They rely on a shallow well which dries up during the hot season. It has been proposed in many occasions, that sinking of a borehole will serve as a long term measure to this water problem. Upon availability of this essential commodity, it will be easier for the school to realize most of its objectives, water from the borehole will be used in activities of daily living, Irrigation and livestock and poultry rearing.

The children with autism at Percy Davies special school are relying on your generous contribution to get them clean and efficient water which will turn around their lives for better, this is because we cannot reverse their bodily and mental challenges but we can for sure improve their standards and conditions of living and make it better for them who are already vulnerable and depend on our goodwill and charity to get through life.


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