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Jaguars Rugby Player Fund

We need YOUR help to create our dream of a community rugby club. Your money will pay for; boots, transport, food, clothing & school resources.

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Hello everyone.

I am the new coach of the Jaguars; Jamie Whelan. I am a teacher and rugby coach from Bangor, Wales. We have put together an ambitious plan to make this club a sustainable community club which provides support to all. 

Your donations will go directly to the player fund where the money will be spent on;

1. Education - resources, teachers, access

2. Clothing - training shirts, support, gum shields, kit, body protection

3. Food - supporting players families' so they can be secure that food is available

4. Transport - providing the players with access to transport to training

5. Community development - building up an academy and community program which allows the players to give back

Your money really does make a difference. 

Thank you from everyone here at the Jaguars

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