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Hey, I ask you to please make a generous donation to help me in setting up a youth Web Radio. My goal is to raise $23000. I humbly ask for your support.


An online youth radio station run by the youths for the youths. My aim is to start an online media platform and for it to be a place where young people can access so that they too can develop their skills and interests. It will also act as a sound board for youth through news & issues, creating awareness/being informed politics, social benefits and job opportunities. It will also opens up many doors for young people in the media industries.

In Kenya, besides interpersonal communication, internet still remains the most and hugely power tool that deliver information, provide platforms for debate, open channels for communication, increase understanding for complex issues thus empower the young people. The music focus will be current chart hits. As I build up listeners’ base, they will hopefully influence the music I play. It would be great to have the station as interactive as possible.


The internet station focus will be on Young people and Topical issues such as ethnicity, radicalization, drug abuse, immorality, the station will be a broadcast avenue for disseminating youth awareness, sensitization and campaigns on reproductive health, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, STIS, Entrepreneurship, Health, Environment Awareness and Conservation, Agriculture among other needs and preferences of the audience and partners.

The aim is to have it sounding fresh and upbeat and something that young people feel they can get involved in. I would like to also showcase any young musicians or artists or band through this. After all it’s the internet and you never know who maybe discovered next…… But before I can do any of this, I have to raise the money to purchase LAWO Radio Equipment from Germany. So if you could please Donate or your gift of any amount will help me raise the vital “seed capital” I need to successfully launch this campaign as it would mean a lot and it will help the youth organizations as well as young people.

The station will involve local community based youths groups to improve their chances in life by improving their creativity, social & business skills, and mentoring.

We will also help them network themselves into groups and forums to share information online about their learning process as well as invite youth based organizations and entrepreneurs in the studio/blog to mentor and Network. But the most importantly, we will bring everyone together as one community/family/generation to help each other along the way and avoid tribalism among the youths.

The Radio Station is all about Unity, Learning, Connect and Improvement.


Our primary mission is social benefit though we aim to earn at least some of our income. It will run on the bare essentials possible to comfortably participate in informal groups and formal youth engagement opportunities.

It doesn’t matter how small you donate, every penny will help to bring the Station to life. You can support us, as an individual, corporation, a donor organization or group of friends. If you have any question or full detailed budget catalog please feel free to contact me on onoka.3ality@gmail.com or give me a call on +254700589591 and I will be glad to tell you more about our strategies.

 If we don’t reach our target of KSH. 2,359,793.42 / $22712.16  needed then I will continue to find funding as best as possible. If we go over it, it can all go towards purchasing of transmitter and applying for frequency. Like I said, every bit counts. Also anybody who donates will be welcomed to visit the station, take part as much as they’d like. We will have a website/app made and we hope to broadcast over the internet so wherever you are in the world you will be able to hear where your donation went to.

I am truly blessed to have a great team of voluntary workers ready to help where and when needed.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Be blessed. 


$5020.05 - Axia iQ Console System QOR.32 Intergrated Console Engine

$1705.88 - for 5 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

$1102.02 - for 5 OC White Proboom Elite

$921.83 - for 5 pop filters & 4 Shockmount & 5 ATHM20X Headphones

$1478.42 - Studio monitor & Scalable Monitor System

$1879.44 - 5 HP computers & Printer

$10604.52 - 7 Rack equipment and Web/App/Freight/Studio Construction/Furniture/Internet/Branding/Signage


$30 and below: An audience invitation launching day and weekly shout outs

$50-$100: The above PLUS a customized wristband and a Cap

$150-$300: All the above PLUS a designed T-shirt, 1 month studio visit, Access to Management and participate in the projects

$500 and above: All the above PLUS a VIP treat during launch, 6 months Studio committee, 3 months shoutout and 1 month product promotion.


Safaricom MPESA

To donate on Safaricom:
Select Lipa na M-PESA
Enter Paybill 891300 Account HEART


Airtel Money

To donate on Airtel:
Go to Airtel Money
Select Make Payments, Pay Bill, Other
Business Name MCHANGA, Reference HEART



To donate on Equitel:
Go to My Money, Select Send/Pay,
Select Account, Enter business number 891300 Enter account number HEART