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Hi, I ask you to please make a generous donation to help in setting up a DIGITAL MEDIA Company. My goal is to raise $95,000. I humbly ask you for your support.

After doing a one year of research and study on how mass audience have given way to Digital Communication Ecosystem, I realized CONTENT IS KING. I therefore present this defined and real Digital Media business idea with a clear path to revenue and profitability based on the structure borrowed from Europe, Africa & USA and merged them to challenge the local status quo and establish one of a kind Digital Media that is entertainment-oriented, fun, interactive and provocative. A platform that will replace the didactic contents which do not appeal to the Gen Z and Millennials. A platform that will not simply state the fact but rather create a space where they can talk about hot topics that affects their daily lives on a new ubiquitous platform that has content for them to consume through their highly visual, always-on, always-connected world. A platform for entrepreneurs to interact, sell and advertise their products at a subsidized rate and reach out to millions of their target customers.
Our Company will concentrate on Digital Media, Social Media, Ecommerce, Online Radio/TV, Vblogs, Live Streams and Infotainment  all integrated under one roof and responsive on all platforms (Mobile, Tablet, PC) so that audience/customers can control what they want to hear, read, watch, shop/buy and relate to.
Gen Z and Millennials wants authenticity, they want relevance, they want to consume from brands that uphold their values, they want to be delighted and humored in the process, they want to be accompanied, informed, entertained throughout the day with a Digital Media that spans the full spectrum of entertainment, celebrity lifestyle, current affairs, juicy gossip news, professionally analyzed local, regional and international news, videos, movie profile, fashion, shopping, parties, events, lifestyle and strong coverage of both European and continental sports news under the same roof dubbed DIGITAL HUB.
My approach is to establish a meaningful connection with content/product consumers, who are young and trend-conscious and concentrate on flooding them with relevant content that can be seen, heard, read, shared and purchased online everyday anywhere anytime thus strengthening our bond with the target group and SME's This will create the ideal basis for the entrepreneurs to reach their consumers.
I understand the specific values, needs and expectations of Gen Z and Millennials and our programming will reflect exactly that, with the aim of making it Kenyas #1 most visited, listened to and watched Digital Media and the most popular destination for the Gen Z and Millennials in Kenya, expatriate community and as well the entire world. It will provide a forum for the public target group to signal and discuss issues that are ignored by the mainstream media.
I therefore kindly request you and hope you can be interested to invest/donate in this new product and highly promising Digital Media to replace the old silos of content and create a platform that is able to change destiny of our entrepreneurs and transform other peoples lives.
Studio Equipment  $32,107.22
Rent 1 year  $13,872.92
Internet 1 year  $2,312.15
Customized website and Mobile App $ 2,408.50
Branding, Graphic & signage  $4,816.98
Seats & L Shaped guests  $2,119.48
TV Samsung full HD 2  $818.89
Furniture  $3,853.59
Studio Van  $24,566.62
Computers 10  $1,926.80
Air conditioner  $823.70
Acoustic sound proof  $2,503.23
Water Dispenser  $166.18
Miscellaneous $ 2812.57



Safaricom MPESA

To donate on Safaricom:
Select Lipa na M-PESA
Enter Paybill 891300 Account DIGITALHUB


Airtel Money

To donate on Airtel:
Go to Airtel Money
Select Make Payments, Pay Bill, Other
Business Name MCHANGA, Reference DIGITALHUB



To donate on Equitel:
Go to My Money, Select Send/Pay,
Select Account, Enter business number 891300 Enter account number DIGITALHUB