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Please support Judith Maina Raise Ksh 2500000 medical fee for tumor treatment in India.

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Judy A Fighter

My name is Judy Waruguru Maina and this is my story.

It was on a Sunday morning I had just done my hair the previous day and was looking lovely. It was always a fine way to spend a weekend with a chit chat with my friend before heading back home and prepare for a new week. I was just about to leave for my place when the headaches began. It was those intense ones that can’t be ignored so I asked my friend to get me painkillers and when it subsided I started my journey home. When I arrived home the headache started and I went to bed hoping that the headache would stop. All I did was toss and turn and a thought came to me that perhaps the braids must be too tight I needed to undo them. I got up took more painkillers which calmed it down and I slept.

At around 3pm I woke up and the headache was too much I needed to get out but I couldn’t. The head felt so heavy. I was alone in the room crying and trying to call on my brother for help and when he eventually heard my cry I was almost passing out and he took me to hospital. The hospital gave me more pain killers and I went home. The following day I was vomiting and in so much pain that I had to again be rushed to hospital and that is when I was done an MRI. The MRI showed a small tumor but they couldn’t tell if it was active or not. I was put on medication and even managed to go back to work for about 2 weeks.

It was then I noticed that my eyes had started bulging and sort treatment in an eye hospital that treated me but even that was for a short time. When I went back to seek further treatment, they couldn’t help me. Fortunately the doctor who had done an MRI called and said I needed to be treated immediately. He put me on steroids which reduced the pain and the eyes stopped bulging. The doctor also advised I seek the help of a Neuro Surgeon which I did and had a panel of doctors working on me for 6weeks. These doctors could however not get my diagnosis so they instead put me on steroids to reduce the pain.

This treatment seemed to have accelerated the tumor because it grew and I lost my eyesight. In addition the tumor started to spread to the backbone and I became paralyzed. That was when this hospital called an Oncologist who did an MRI and revealed to me how the 6 weeks of steroid treatment had caused more damage. He immediately put me on a pipe running from the brain to the stomach to drain the water. After which I was done intense radio therapy to clear the tumor in the brain. God is great because the tumor did clear and I could feel my legs. Subsequent checkup revealed that it was gone from my head. It had however left droppings on the back which didn’t clear during the brain tumor therapy. I was scheduled for another radio therapy when the cells had recovered which I did and I recovered one leg.

During my routine checkups however it was revealed that the masses of the tumor had gone to the spine and needed to be taken care of. The masses are increasing by the day and the risk is that it is getting very close to the aorta, making it hard for Doctors to treat .Surgery isn’t an option because its positioning is very close to an artery. Chemo is also not an option because my body and cells have weakened so much because of the two radio therapies I have done.

I need to do a specific radio therapy that focuses on that specific area. This kind of treatment can only be done in India. I therefore need to be treated urgently. The total cost for the treatment is 2.5 Million Shillings and this is where I need your financial Aid. The doctors have planned for the therapy in 3 weeks. With a deposit of 1million treatment will commence.

I had dreams and haven’t lost them. Before this tragedy struck, I had graduated with a law degree from Moi University and had been accepted into law school. I was also an intern with UN HABITAT and was working with a research company to collect data needed for them to publish a book about slums. I have also been told of a technology that could be used to help me see again. I believe the 5 year struggle and road to full recovery isn’t in vain and God has a great purpose for me. This too will pass and like the Brain tumor is history these dropping will be history.

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