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ONLY TOGETHER WE CAN PROTECT NATURE..!! Help us fight the raging BUSHFIRES in the Tsavos..!! Help us get WATER to the WILDLIFE during droughts in Tsavo East..!!

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#TeamTsavo is basically a group of friends and volunteers who have come together to help conserve wildlife in Tsavo.. we started this way back in 2016.. So far we have never held a meeting.. all that needs to be discussed, we discuss it on whatsapp since most of us live in different towns, and find the way forward.. we have amazing friends here who we have not even met, but the trust and respect is just remarkable..  we have volunteers who are on the ground in Tsavo and we have others who can't be there, but are always supporting via donations or anything else they can help with.. it's an amazing team with lots of zeal.. !! We are a team of ordinary people doing extraordinary things..

We are not an organisation or under any organisation hence we have no admin fees since we are all doing our own businesses and in different professions.. instead we give towards conservation and also raise funds to do projects there.. all that we do here is out of pure passion for wildlife and it's natural habitats..

So here is a short brief of what we have been doing and are doing:-

We have been desilting dams in Tsavo EAST since 2016 under the guidance of KWS every year in preparation for the rains so that more water is held in these waterholes... and in case the rains fail us and the drought sets in and upon request by Tsavo East management, we help fill out the  important and strategic waterholes especially at Irima, at 102 and at 104...

We cleaned up an old borehole at Ndololo Camp Site in Tsavo East and installed a solar pump and panels and piped water to the waterhole and to the kitchen and toilets.. and installed solar lights for the kitchen and toilets...helped renovate the toilet doors of the campsite and now looking into building simple toilets at Mudanda Rock..!!  We helped solved the water problems completely at Ndololo Camp Site.  no more ferrying water to the campsite for campers and for the wildlife.. 

We have helped repair and install a new solar pump and panels at Mzima Springs to pump water to a watering hole about a km away which eases the pressure by wildlife on the vegetation around Mzima Springs.

We have been giving relief food to the rangers in Tsavo East during this pandemic of COVID-19

We help during park clean-ups and give support during important events like World Environment Day, World Wildlife Day, World Elephant Day..

We did signages for all the gates in Tsavo East as well.. and build a broken destroyed wall at Voi Gate which was separating the staff quarters..

Recently after the frequent raging bushfires in east and west, and upon seeing the need to equip the TCA (Tsavo Conservation Area) with beaters and all... we have so far managed to get them 182 fire beaters, 11 knapsack sprayers and 15 mobile drums of water.. and hopefully still get them more firebeaters.. and other fire fighting equpment like mobile fire extinguishers and tanks of water to be mounted on trailers to put out the fires..

During the fires, we mobilise to get funds so that people can help us get food and water and milk and biscuits, painkillers, eye drops to the teams of rangers fighting fires to keep them energised,  hydrated and raise their morals too because when they see us bringing food and water to them, they feel like .. yes there are people out there who are thinking about them and they feel more motivated to work harder... 

We do projects that are just within our capability so as to help make even a little difference towards conservation and our precius wildlife and the front line rangers who risk their lives to protect our national heritage ..

And of course everything is done upon the request and approval by KWS..

Thank youuuuuu all and karibu sana.. you know it's only when we get together is when we help make an impact..


Please join our Facebook page 'FRIENDS OF TSAVOS (#TeamTsavo)' on the link below or just search the name and you will get all the updates on our work and also the sightings of the beautiful wildlife of Tsavos.. 





With love from Tsavo,









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