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WATER IS LIFE.. !! Help us in getting WATER to the suffering WILDLIFE of the drought stricken area of Tsavo East.

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#TeamTsavo, made up of a group of various friends who volunteer to help the widlife with water during droughts and also look into various long term sustainable solutions like servicing existing discarded old boreholes in the Tsavo Eco Sytem with solar panels and pumps and piping the same to waterholes during the drought. Every penny donated goes to the wildlife since the team has no admin costs and all the running costs of volunteering like fuel, time are all out the volunteers' pockets just because we have a PASSION to help our wildlife.  Every penny is accounted for, every penny goes to help make a difference for the wildlife and every penny matters. So lets get together and help MAKE A DIFFERENCE..!!


The watering holes are completely dry and flat and silted in the Tsavo Eco System.   THIS YEAR'S FORECAST IS THAT THE 2019 WILL RECEIVE DELAYED & MINIMAL RAINFALL.

The wildlife has suffered enough and continues to suffer during the severe drought in this region.  
In 2016, we managed with your help to desilt 6 dams since and make a new dam in Tsavo East. Thanks to kind hearted people like you.
In 2017, we were taking water into four waterholes in Tsavo East, at points 104, 102, Irima 1 and Irima 2 for almost 3 months during the severe extreme dry season when the expected rains failed us. And at Ndololo, revived a very old borehole and serviced it with a solar pump and panels, which till today is still pumping water into the Ndololo waterhole without any problems. 
2018, Tsavo East received good rainfall and the whole place was lush and green and full of life .. !!
Come 2019, only scattered rainfalls in April and that's it.. NOW all the waterholes in the Tsavo East National Park are dry, parched, barren and dead (as seen from the pictures).. !! 
So here we are again, upon the request of the Park management, filling out atleast 1 huge massive waterhole at point 102 and two smaller ones with water at Irima, all in Tsavo East National Park by using a truck to take water to these crucial watering points.  We have just desilted all the 3 Waterholes, which helps in water retention and does not get lost in the caked up mud..

The volunteer hires a water truck from Voi town, the nearest near Tsavo East and on every trip, there is an escort from KWS. This time again we have Lemiso, a wonderful guy from KWS Tsavo East who leaves all his work and escorts us on the dusty, bumpy, corrugated ride on the water truck on every water trip. He makes sure the water is not salty and the water bowser is full and every drop is poured into the waterhole for the wildlife.. and then only, does he sign the water delivery note... 

Here are some of the advantages of manually distributing to different regions during the drought:-
- Animal distribution in different areas and not congregating in just one small watering point helps in preventing the degradation of the vegetation in that area..
- Once water is found in the places from which the wildlife are used to drinking from and wallow and shower in, it prevents them from wandering into communities that live around the edge of the park, hence reducing a lot of Human Wildlife Conflict, hence reduced deaths and destruction to the communities and at the same time, wildlife stays safe from retaliation by man.
- The animals don't have to walk hundreds of miles in the Tsavo scorching sun and heat in search of water.  All the walking in search of water takes a toll on the babies and the older animals.  
A water truck (bowser) of 12,000 litres costs Kshs.7,000/- (USD70)
There are totally NO ADMIN costs involved here..!! Every penny reaches our suffering widlife and everything accounted for and transparent. All those volunteering on the ground are self sufficient in their own ways running their work and businesses. The love of animals drives them to help them without any fees.  All they want to see is happy widlife and to protect our habitat and nature for generations to come.
The money collected so far on this fundraiser is over more than THREE years which has helped us desilt dams in Tsavo East and also help fill out various waterholes with water in different areas of Tsavo East and revive old boreholes.  We have identified two more boreholes in Tsavo West National Park which needs a lot to be done so that they function well.  We just finished one borehole at Mzima Springs in Tsavo West that is now freely pumping water about a kilometer away into a water dam.
Every drop of water will help make a difference. Every drop will help save these animals.  Every drop will help keep the wildlife from venturing into human settlement areas and getting poached or killed.  WE NEED them and they NEED US..!!  It's the poor voiceless wildlife that suffers silently the consequences of climate change like drought due to us being ignorant and destroying mother nature instead of actually doing something about it..
Please join our Facebook page 'FRIENDS OF TSAVOS (#TeamTsavo)' on the link below or just search the name and you will get all the updates on our work and also the sightings of the beautiful wildlife of Tsavos.. 
Updates for 2019 drought water deliveries to the three waterholes:-
- Week 1 (27th Aug 2019 - 31st August 2019) - 116,000 litres taken for the wildlife
- Week 2 (2nd Sept - 7th Sept) - 72,000 litres
- Week 3 (9th Sept - 13th Sept) - 36,000 litres
- Week 4 (16th Sept - 20th Sept) - 72,000 litres
- Week 5 (23rd Sept - 27th Sept) - 72,000 litres
- Week 6 (1st Oct 2019) - 24,000 litres
And finally on the 1st of October just after our 2nd water delivery to Waterhole 102, the heavens opened and we were all blessed with the rains.  A Total of 392,000 litres were taken for the wildlife by the Team to various waterholes in Tsavo East.   And now in the meantime we look for long term sustainable solutions to get water to the wildlife..!!
With love from Tsavo,
Tiju Aziz
Team Tsavo
0722 384899
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