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#Tools for Change Fundraising Campaign

Tools for Change is a fundraising campaign by the Dandora Transformation League (DTL) aiming to raise KES 2 Million (apprx US$20,000). The goals of the fundraiser are:

1. To purchase more working and clean-up tools for youth to expand and deepen our neighbourhood rehabilitation through our Changing Faces initiative;

2. To host a massive celebration for what DTL youth have achieved for the last 3 years at the next Prize Giving in December at the Changing Faces Competition Season III finale;

3. To highlight DTL’s activities to a wider audience and secure partnerships for DTL’s other transformation programs.

What is the context of the campaign?

Nairobi is degenerating into one big glorified dumpsite. This is regardless of whether you’re in the middle and lower income areas of Eastlands or in the more affluent western side of the city; garbage and litter have come to characterize our daily experience in public spaces. The decadence only varies in degree. The responsible city authorities seem at worst unable to handle the mess and at best simply bewildered. Dandora, our target neighbourhood lies to the east of Nairobi and is one of the areas that has suffered the worst of the decadence and is the focus area of this present initiative.

The Changing Faces initiative by DTL is a perfect solution because it is a community driven solution. Because the community are organizing themselves into groups to clean the public spaces around them, they are more likely to maintain and improve them. To add icing to cake – the area residents are making small monthly contributions to pay the youth responsible for cleaning and maintenance hence providing livelihood for youth in an area with high unemployment and crime rates. This also gives this fundraiser and the project the internal sustainability that is crucial for most projects of this kind .

What is our plan?

DTL has grown massively over the last two years, from 5 courtyard youth teams in 2014 to over 120 teams in 2016 bringing together close to 3000 young people working to transform Dandora. The transformation starts with giving working and clean-up tools to youth e.g hard bristle brooms, mattocks, spades, wheelbarrows, rakes etc. As the teams have grown, so has the need for tools. These tools can be seen as their initial starting capital that sets them on a path to a regular monthly income while transforming their neighbourhood.

We are looking for funds, firstly, to launch a massive expansion campaign to more than double the number of courtyard youth teams and cover a wider area of Dandora and provide them with tools. We want to give new teams tools and also help existing teams replace old worn out tools which are a bit expensive. Secondly, every year, we host a prize giving day to celebrate those youth teams that have made the greatest transformation in their courtyards. After two successful seasons of the Changing Faces Competition and prize giving; we will be hosting our 3rd awards this December and we all know – the third time is always magical –right?! We want to make it fun and memorable. 

Finally, the neighbourhood rehabilitation is just but an entry point to our engagement with young people in Dandora. We hope this campaign will give us the visibility to secure partnerships in our other transformative projects for youth and for Dandora.

The campaign closes on 24 November 2016!

How can I participate?

1. Make  a donation through the payment channels provided below. You can pay through mobile money, electronic bank transfer and even credit card/Paypal payments. You can donate as little as 100 Kenya Shillings (Apprx US$ 1.);

2. Take a fun photo of yourself or you and your friends holding up some cleaning tools e.g a broom, a spade, a rake working gloves etc and post the picture on our Facebook page here   or on Twitter with any of the following hashtags #IAmWithDTL, #IAmChangingDandora  #DandoraTransformation. Our Twitter handle is: @DTL_in_Dandora. If you are not set up on social media, you can email us the photos and with your permission, we will post them for you. These photos will be the life of this campaign. The email to use is: cfc@dandora-transformation.org

      If you would like deeper involvement than just this campaign, you can learn how here.

    Thank you for being awesome!

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