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Help For Joseph Rimba

Joseph Rimba lost his Arm recently through a robbery with violence attack on his way from Lamu town to Mararani

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My names are Joseph Rimba, I was born in Shela - Lamu. In August 2016 I was walking from Lamu to Mararani village where I live with my family accompanied by a co-worker at around 7:00PM. On the way 2 boys armed with pangas invaded us demanding to surrender our belongings to them. Both of us had food stuff because we were from the market, mobile phones and some cash. Since we were 2 x 2 the 2 boys decided to deal with one on one. My attacker wanted my wallet, phone and my shopping. I took time to negotiate with him in a nice way but that didn't work, the boy went a head to use his sharp panga to cut my arm. Thank God for saving my life because am sure the criminal wanted to kill me. That panga was meant for the head but because I block it came to my arm. My co-worker left unhurt because he surrendered everything without delay. I have forgiven whoever did it because its only God who can judge us and now I want to start my new life and move on.

I am a married man with 2 children. Since this happened my life has changed from bad to worst. The doctor adviced me not to work for a couple of months. Being a father and the only source of livelihood I am not able to cater for my family for the duration I have to wait until I can go back to work. The community of Mararani is organizing a fundraising on the 6th Nov 2016 at Mararani Covenant church to raise money to help me between now until am fine. I am appealing to all people of goodwill to help me during this time of hardship as I look for means to start afresh. 

God is great all the time, Ameen

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