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Lokitoeangaber Primary School has 250 pupils, 134 girls and 116 boys. With grades 1-7, the school encompasses a large range of needs.  Pupils are forced to travel very early to school in the dark, this risks the pupils to attacks by wild animals and other distractors , with your support the children will be able to be safe . Secondly the pupils who leave school late are frequently met by darkness along the way home, solar lights  will help a lot in protecting these children. Thirdly majority of the pupils cannot attend to homework as they cannot access light at home with your support, providing solar lights, the children will be able to attend to homework hence improving academic abilities.

The remote school lacks in digital resources and content, as well as classroom resources such as books and learning materials. With 20 adolescent girls, there is a dire need for sanitary washable pads. The school also does not have any sports equipment.

Despite these obvious needs, the school has come a long way from a gathering under a tree, to a collection of buildings serving the 250 pupils. Largely because of the generosity of Ludwig Bayern, Wilhelm Stotzingen and other friends. The head teacher, Mr. Michael Tokio is dedicated and has been serving the school since the beginning. The children are eager to learn and have big dreams of contributing to society through their careers as future pilots, engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers.

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