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Dear Friends, This is an appeal for your assistance in helping raise funds for my dear wife Lydia Mwaito.

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Finally back Home!! 
After Almost One Hundred and Twenty days away from home we are finally back! 
Nothing beats being back home.
We returned to Kenya on the 4th April, 2017 and touched down at JKIA at exactly 1025Hrs.
India was an adventure to be told another day.

The Good news we carried from India is that Lydia's Cancer has gone into remission, or as doctors say "No evidence of Disease" (NED) but she MUST complete the remaining prescribed Chemotherapy. She has two remaining and will be done here.

It has been a hectic moment since we came back, looking for appropriate doctors and hospital to complete the treatment.
We eventually got a doctor and all is well. The treatment continues.

Treatment here is quite different from India in terms of procedures and processes. Indian Doctors are readily available for consultations whereas here due to the limited number of Oncologist you don't get a to interact freely, they are very busy and can only be seen occasionally, though they ensure treatment continues.
Coming from India this is a bit disconcerting at first but you get used to it.

I am getting to meet Cancer patients here at home and their care givers including many volunteers who give their time to Cancer patient. This are special beings and deserve every respect. I am hoping to give a considerable amount of my time towards this cause, I will therefore be engaging you often on the needs and requirements.
I also gained quite some understanding of how the Indian medical system works and will be willing to advise anybody willing to get information. For free.

I have interacted with people from the Cancer Care Centre and "Faraja" a facility that gives both financial and counselling support for Cancer patients, I am told there are number of such organizations and I hope to meet them in good time.

Lydia has been in and out of hospital since we returned and we continue to make constant visits as they apply her Chemo and treat the various after effects. It is not easy going but our strengthened belief in God makes it easy.

Financially we are still not out of the woods, we have been lucky since the NHIF offered to pay for the initial Chemotherapy here, however the allocation is hardly enough since Cancer treatment here is way too expensive. The allocation was only enough for one cycle.

I pray that our government stops playing politics with Cancer and get to the route of it and offer affordable healthcare especially on prevention methods. Together we can get rid of Cancer.

I pray too that our doctors  and hospitals can be touched by the plight of Cancer patients and consider their fees, even the richest amongst us cannot afford Cancer treatment to conclusion.
We need equipment and more facilities, more care givers and oncology doctors.

I would like to appeal to all of you reading this to assist those facilities that cater for cancer patients either financially or by giving your time to serve as volunteers. There are several and I will mention them here next time.

Cancer is a disease that knows no tribe, colour, religion, creed, gender, or size. It does not knock anybody's doors. Any of you out there could be a victim!
Finally, I will continue appealing to you to assist Lydia get her final treatment and any contribution can be channeled through the same medium below. She has only one therapy to go.



Thank you in advance and God bless



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