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Missing Child Kenya is a non-profit, social enterprise platform under Simba-Safe Kenya http://www.simbasafekenya.com/ that works with volunteers in the child protection sector and the public to help share information on missing children using media platforms and increase search efforts  to the affected families. This service is offered for free to the affected families.


From collective experiences both personal and professional we understand that facts, photos and time play a big role in sharing information about a missing child. It is therefore the goal of Missing Child Kenya to boost search efforts for missing children by sharing photo posters to as broad an audience and in the fastest of time as possible.

MCK is embarking on a fund raising drive this festive season as we seek to make our community outreach efforts more sustainable. Our project for December 2016 is the Milimani Children’s Court (Nairobi) as it is the central receiving point for all missing, lost and found children in Nairobi.

Milimani Children’s Court, the largest exclusively children’s court in Kenya handles children in conflict with the law as well as children in need of care and protection (truant, lost, abused, abandoned or run away children). Some of the children are brought to the court with greater immediate essential needs.



We are raising funds for the following needs:

1.       Advertising costs for our online ads of missing children across Kenya. As an example, on Facebook it costs 1 USD (KES 100) a day to boost an ad.

2.       An all- weather notice board structure to be placed within the Milimani Children’s Court area that all parents can make reference to for initial enquiries on any lost and found children that have been brought to the court.

3.       Emergency essential items for the lost and found children that are brought to Police Stations and Children's Courts (sweaters, milk, juice, cereal, snacks, diapers)

4.       Comfort items for the lost and found children that are brought to Police Stations and Children's Courts (books, board games, toys)

5.       Operational costs ( our dream is to have a sustainable 24 hour operations structure to receive calls, messages and alerts on missing children across the country and feed this information into the existing child welfare ecosystem)


P.S. donations in kind for the emergency essential items and comfort items are more than welcome. Talk to us on +254704447417 especially if you have a group of people you can mobilize towards any support (colleagues, neighbours, friends). Check out our wish list on our Facebook Page.

Missing Child Kenya depends a lot on information from individuals across Kenya. When you come across a missing child alert on social media/any other means, please share it with Missing Child Kenya on the contact links provided. A consolidated database with all record of missing children helps boost search and reunification process while helping to monitor and understand trends.When you share/ retweet a missing child alert, you are making your much valued individual contribution to reuniting a missing child with their family. 

Join Missing Child Kenya in creating for our children a culture and community of concerned and proactive Kenyans. We value you as our eyes, ears and voice on the ground as we work on track, trace and reunification efforts for missing children in Kenya.


HASHTAG              #MissingChildKE
FACEBOOK PAGE     https://m.facebook.com/missingchildkenya/

TWITTER HANDLE   @missingchild_ke

INSTAGRAM           missingchild_ke

E-MAIL                           help@missingchild.co.ke

MOBILE NUMBER   +254704447417

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