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Talanta Initative By Tianar

Transforming lives through youth-led community projects led by young and vibrant talented members using their passion to create and sustain positive change.

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The modeling talent is a potential career yet it is viewed as mainly a hobby. In Kenya the imbalanced ratio of the huge number of models to the very few properly managed talent agencies, contributes to exploitation, stigma around the modeling talent and lack of jobs. Many have already ordained themselves as models or talent-preneurs even without having the appropriate skills and industry knowledge to navigate such a career. Therefore the market is over saturated with unqualified, untrained models and poorly managed talent agencies. We counter this problem by educating models and using ethical methods of talent management in order to secure income channels for our members. There is proof that talent can be a viable career and also a tool for positive change therefore, we require external support through partnerships / grants / investments and business referrals.

Our Approach;
We recruit qualified candidates to go through our training program.

We then link trained talents to paying work.

1. To dignify talent as sustainable source of income
2. To educate and create awareness on the real dynamics of a modeling career
3. To use talent as tool for positive social change.

Impact Monitoring;
We use the following metrics
1. The number of individuals we train in a year.
2. The number of job placements we get in a year.
3. The percentage of members who embark on social impact projects per year.

What Your Support Will Do;
1. Power up our resources in creating awareness around turning passions into profit.
2. Fuel social impact projects led by our organization members.
3. Purchase a course for a deserving vulnerable talent in Kenya.

Why We Believe In Talent;
Think about your favorite quality entertainment. It is made possible by people who, by nature or training and hard-work, have been endowed with unique skills to sing, act, draw, showcase or tell stories in a way that touches our hearts and makes us feel good. Now think about the same people lacking the ability to bring these arts to life only because they do not have access to tools that help them advance these skills.

Statistics show that talent contributes to the nations GDP to a tune of 3%, a rate we can collectively raise if we come together.

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