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Mukuru Youth Initiative runs a safe in Mukuru slums and in need of funding to support the programs and keep the space running.

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February 2019 Mukuru Youth Initiative(MuYI) launched the MuYI Hub in Mukuru kwa Reuben slums in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The hub is one of it's own in kwa Reuben and its aimed at providing a space for young creative to grow, socially, economically and financially by providing the necessary needed support.

We seek to raise kshs.  1.5m to equip the centre with books, computers, internet connection, audio recording studio and a video recording studio.

Thank You let's give children and young people in Mukuru a reason to be proud. Asante

The solution

MuYI HUB will work towards empowering youth on skills development and build and nurture youth talents on creative arts, music, Forum Theater, film making etc.

MuYI Creative Hub will serve as information center where young people easily can access information, conduct activities and small business opportunity within Mukuru through accessible internet, regular newsletters and information notice board at the Hub.

 The Hub will help empower young people to carry out youth led campaigns on different issues affecting basic rights of youth and people in the community they live in. This will be done through activities such as community sensitization and awareness outreaches, community participatory research, debates, Forum Theater, filming shows, lobby meeting with duty bearers and campaigns.


Create space and mobilize resources for young people at grassroots and organizational level to carryout social and empowerment activities for social change.

Act as an information center and maximize access to ICT by young people.

Offer trainings and mentorship programs to the youth of Mukuru.

Network and link already existing youth organizations in Mukuru.

 Objective Action points

1.       Provide necessary skills and link creative with opportunities beyond mukuru. 

2.       Provide a platform to share ideas.

3.       Assist in production of creatives work (Recording studio, film studio, incubation lab)

4.       Assist in networking with other creatives in and outside mukuru

5.       Provide mentorship 

6.       Give a platform to showcase creative's work

Mukuru Youth Initiative 
Mukuru Youth Initiative is a youth art community-based organization within the Mukuru informal settlement (slums) located at MuYI HUB, Mukuru kwa Reuben opp St.Jude Catholic church.

We are focused on social and economic wellbeing of Mukuru youth by engaging in different social activities. Our main focus is to make sure that we have a community free from crime, drug abuse, and prostitution, ensure environmental conservation, enhance peaceful coexistence and have a constituent of youth who are enlightened, empowered and engaged.

Have a community that is free from social vices and youths who are focused on seeing the community develop both socially and economically.

Nourish the seeds of knowledge, art and innovation within the hearts of the youth, being a thriving tree, shading all cultures of our community and eventually bear the fruits of a unified, developed and successful community.

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