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Let's help these artists in buying a net to fish instead of giving them fish daily.

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Rockers Media Link is a small organization that deals with imaging , music publishing and marketing. we are located along Airport North Road, behind Bollore logistics and a block after Amicabre Travel in Embakasi. In music we focus mainly on novice artistes most of them unheard of in the industry but with high potential to make it on the big stage. Our youngest project is to record and launch 10 extremely talented but underprivileged artistes whose pictures and profile appear in this noble platform, These are young artistes whose first wish is to make a living through music but find it extremely hard to finance their goal so most depend on well wishers to achieve their wishes. Among the artistes we have identified , two are orphans , two are laboring inĀ  construction sites while six are entirely jobless but all these youths are extremely gifted vocalists who have somehow managed to record at least one audio song. we have scouted these artistesĀ  all over the country without being partial. we have three artistes that we discovered in rural Kuria in Migori county, three that we scouted in Taita area , one from Kitale , one from Mathare ghetto in Nairobi and two from Kisumu. We aim to have all these artistes finalize an album and two videos each and ultimately market their works both locally and internationally. The budget per artiste is approximately 350,000/= hence a total of 3.5million. We will forward their works to digital distributors namely cd baby and songcast for worldwide distribution. This is a pilot project and we intend to widen our net in similar projects with artistes that qualify for this kind of project. We are working with select studios for audio and Kafashya productions for videos. Let us humbly come together and help brighten the future of these young artistes . God bless.

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Business Name: MCHANGA

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Business Number: 891300

Account Number: 8029

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 8029

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