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Laurent's Medical Funds Drive

Hey Guys: Please help me raise funds to clear Laurent's hospital bill. Thanks.

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At this hour, I am holding my 6 month old son who needs my attention but I am numb. I always scribble things when tense but today I choose to write.  For first time in 3 weeks my mum has broken down. She called and her words hit me like a thunderbolt:

‘Hapa hakuna kitu, please send someone to come pick me’ I asked her why and she goes like ‘Today the machine is just beeping and the numbers are now reading differently. Laurent cannot even move a finger’. I panic and start sobbing but for my mum I have to sound calm. I do not want to add to her anxiety. I reassure her that all will be well but inside, I wish I had the strength to trust my own words. It’s a tough call.

Phone calls begin flying frantically from family members. Some are scared, some are comforting and with one family member we pray together and we resolve to come up with a family whatsapp group for holding prayers. I have always believed in the power of prayer. I have seen God answer prayers in so many ways and trust Him to stand with us on this one. I trust Him to stand with Laurent.

But how did we get here…

August 6th, 2016 appeared to be a normal Saturday albeit too cold. I had a couple of errands here & there and in tow was my baby and nanny. We picked my oldest son, Dre from school at 5pm after a talent show. On our way home he goes like ‘I have never been to Ole sereni, even Eka you promised and moths are just passing’. Since he was headed to Kisumu for the August holidays, I called his bluff. We diverted to Ole Sereni and enjoyed their pizza. I realize am always on a budget and sometimes overlook little funs in life. We enjoy ourselves, take pictures.  DM is over the moon too.

We head home at 6.30PM miming happy tunes and made small sister jealous with exaggerated vibes of how we had eaten wide whilst actually we could call it a snack. Anyway, I prepared supper; Dre took the role of a DJ playing his fave tunes on youtube : 7 years old by Lucas Graham,  Aint your mother by Jennifer Lopez,  See you again tribute to Paul Walker and also played for baby his  best lullaby ‘Kutembea na wewe by Rebecca Dawn. To end our day, we ate as we watched a movie. Suddenly my sister’s phone rung and her facial expression made me drop my spoon.  She started to cry. ‘It’s Lavender’ so I heard.  ‘Amegongwa na gari. Lavender is one of her dear friends so I start to comfort her while asking questions. ‘She goes like Laurent ametolewa chini ya Lorry’. My world stops for a sec, I also start to cry. Dre reaches for his rosary and says a prayer of mercy for Laurent.

Laurent Kabila Ouma (Late dad named him after DRCongo ‘presda’. I think he was born on date he became president) is the youngest of my siblings. Being the last borne we adore him so much and is closest to my mum since the rest of us already left the nest to pursue  different hustles  in the city. He was to join our bandwagon on 22nd August when he was scheduled to join JKUAT for his undergraduate studies in BSC. 

In a spilt of a second our lives have been thrown on a rollercoaster of anxiety. I keep wondering the turn of events had Laurent not stepped out that night. I am sure we would be telling a different story. In our accounts is that Laurent had spent his day helping another brother Jim to set up wifi at my mum’s office in Kisumu. They were back home in the evening and sat down to enjoy supper. An aunt had visited from Nairobi and conversations were flowing. A knock at the door at 9.50pm startled everyone but Laurent knew already knew it was his friend. He dropped his phone in the bedroom and being ‘maboys’ they stepped out together like normal teenagers. Past mum’s gate in Nyalenda, hardly 5 minutes since they left, and as Laurent’s pal tying his shoe lace few steps back, tragedy struck. A lorry belonging to a renown milling company in Kisumu lost control on my dear brother. The rest as we call it is history.

Laurent is currently fighting for his life at the ICU of St. Lukes Trauma and Orthopedic Hospital in Eldoret where he was referred for specialized treatment for Cervical Spinal Injury. We believe he is receiving the best care. However he is not improving. He has had a blood transfusion but seems his vitals are crashing. My mum is worried. She has been crying since morning, I have cried the whole afternoon but my gut tells me to keep the faith. I trust God will see us through this turmoil. I stayed with him last week. I saw progress. He was eager to leave the ICU and pleaded that we move him to general ward. But he first needed to go through spinal surgery.

It has been tough 3 weeks. I shut my phone at night for fear of the next call. I dream of my late father more than ever. We are afraid but hopeful at the same time. The devil wants my mother to give up on my brother but God is in control. Please pray with us and for every family going through similar ordeals: Be it through accidents or illness.  Now I know how it feels to know a kin’s life lies on a balance.

On the other hand the hospital bill is growing steeply. We have done our best as family but ICU bills are crazy.  (I will share preliminaries). Unfortunately Laurent did not have insurance cover so we have to foot on our own. The case can only be pursued when he is fully recovered. It is in this regard that I have started a fundraiser on M-CHANGA to raise funds for Laurent’s Medical Funds Drive.  Am hoping with your support we can give Laurent a new lease of life.  Funds raised will be used to foot his hospital bill plus surgery. If we surpass balance can be moved to a charity of choice.



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