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Charity To Orphans

Cause progress
Raised KES 31,265
Goal KES 3,000,000

Hey guys we have started a fundraiser to change lives of orphans and needy children in our society and develop a better learning institution for them


Have you ever had an issue about something and thought to your self "someone should do that"? That's what happened to me .I had this crazy idea that educating children ,and Sudanese adult refugees  in a considered third world country Kenya ,could make a difference not only in future but right now because procrastination is a factor that leads to the downfall of many big brains and plans.

My school silverday  education centre is currently experiencing  challenges especially because it is situated near a slum where everyone thinks nothing Important can uprise but who knows?

What is the problem/issue/challenge

The school is situated in an underdeveloped area .The area is adversely affected by HIV/AIDS  which I am quite sure accounts for a larger number of orphans and vulnerable children who are left under the care of their grandparents. So we have taken some and enrolled them in my school to feed them ,educate them and support the Sudanese who are finding life hard in Kenya.

My school itself undergoes challenges first we have no land to expand our school since we are growing.secondly ,Despite receiving container classrooms from a well wisher from USA back 2014  we are not still able to access some of them since  they were pilled vertically.

We have to look for capital to construct staircases.The containers need a roof above them to avoid rain from reaching students in class since they also have no window panes, and one can easily tell how hard our students find it to study during long rain seasons. We have to place transparent plastic papers on the container classrooms that are at the bottom floor to prevent  rain and wind into the study rooms.This again tells a lot to the society where we have potential parents who undermine the school since we are not able to afford capital to construct such in the school.Having potential parents in the school means the orphans and refugees we help will be easier but currently our school setup doesn't bring any so I am out to do what no one thinks will ever change in the school.In life we are not set to be loosers forever a time comes for everyone to get off his/her cocun and prove something.My mission is to help those orphans and refugees who needs a helping hand out there and I believe your intense love which has no measure will give us something to change peoples lives .

How will this project solve the problem

1.It will help the school build more facilities to accommodate more orphans, refugees and students

2.it will help the school purchase land for expansion in order to create more classrooms , an administration block.

3.  It will also help boost income generating activities which will help us continue sustaining orphans and school day to day activities.

4.Develop sanitation systems and install water tanks which we currently lack.

5.start agricultural programmes to be self reliant

Potential long term impact

By enrolling orphans from streets , incapable families and refugees who live within ,we will eradicate poverty, crime cases and instill the fact that education actually pays rather than staying idle .This project targets to benefit 450 children in the slums and our surrounding community of over 230,000 residents

Project message

" I grew up in the slums which no classy person would desire to even step in  but I kicked that off ,...the centre rescued me and I am now in the school studying "Morgan Mbugua.

Fund distribution (whatever you give we really value it because no one moves alone in the road of success)

-5$ to feed 10 orphans daily

-10$ provides  one pair of uniform 

- 20$ provides 10 needy children with learning materials

-50$provides affordable shoes for needy children and orphans

-150$ will buy 2 desks for each class

-200$ will buy 20 sizeable ironsheets  for  the roof 

-500$  will help fix window panes for six classrooms

-50000$ will buy 1/2 acre of land


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Select Make Payments, Pay Bill, Other
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