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Ukulima Tech would like to set up a standard solar powered workshop for fabrication of vertical gardens and solar powered garden automation systems. This will in turn help reduce the cost of production thereby reducing our retail price by 40%. This will see more people acquire vertical gardens and solar automation systems for growing healthy organic crops, leading to food sustainability and increased urban farming. 

 For more information on vertical farming, visit Ukulimatech or our Facebook page here, or TalkAfrica article here , Standard newspaper here and nation newspaper here.


The major challenge we are solving is that of unhealthy food laden with chemicals and toxins being supplied to urban dwellers which lead to terminal illness, and also the challenge of limited space to carry out sustainable farming. The reports below contain research data on the above mentioned challenges.

  1. Nairobi residents eating poisonous food
  2. NTV on poisonous food 
  3. Report on limited space by Dr. W.H.A Olima


We have developed innovative vertical garden systems that can be used to grow crops on limited spaces like balconies and roof tops. A typical garden can grow up to 200 vegetables in a space as small as 2 by 2 meters. Our systems are made out of plastic pipes and are neat, clean and easy to install. We also have GSM garden automation systems which enables one to be able to irrigate and monitor their garden from any location in the world using a mobile application. Our goal is to set up vertical gardens in all homes and all roof tops in urban centers to enable residents grow healthy organic vegetables resulting to reduced hunger and global warming. 

HELP US RAISE KSHS 5,000,000 (USD 50,000)

To make our technology affordable to everyone, we are raising funds to set up a standard solar powered workshop for vertical gardens and garden automation fabrication. We are seeking Kshs. 5,000,000 which will be used for;

  1. Workshop Construction; Kshs. 2,700,000
  2. Machines and tools Kshs. 1,300,000
  3. 3KW Solar Panels Kshs. 400,000
  4. Solar Batteries Kshs. 200,000
  5. 300AH Solar Generator Kshs. 400,000

The workshop will reduce our cost of production by 40% thereby reducing the cost of buying our systems i.e our lowest priced system will reduce from Kshs. 19,000 to Kshs. 11,400.  Therefore, we are requesting you to help us raise funds to set up the workshop.


  1. Kenya Climate Innovation Center
  2. National Environmental Trust Fund Kenya
  3. Technical University of Kenya


  1. Installed 5 vertical gardens in Dadaab refugee camp sponsored by Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
  2. Installed 3 vertical gardens in Machakos County sponsored by INADES Formation Kenya
  3. Installed vertical garden systems to Compassionate Hands For the Disabled Foundation as CSR
  4. Installed 53 vertical gardens to individual homes 

To view pictures of our projects, visit our Facebook page here.

To watch videos of our projects, visit our YouTube channel here.


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