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Hey guys! i have started a fundraiser on M-Changa for Dr. Njoroge's book publishing

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Dr. Joseph Njoroge is who I refer to as childhood and longtime friend. The kind you call a brother from another mother :-). He is a friend who has been there for me to encourage, cheer-lead and to set back in line just what a real big brother is supposed to be for you.

The proceeds of this fundraiser which I have started in consultation with a few other close friends are to go towards the publishing of his already authored textbooks Climate Change and Tourism; Regional Sustainable Adaptation Framework with a case study of Mombasa Kenya ( see: http://d-nb.info/1075389445/04 ) and How To Survive Your PHD (an 11 chapter guidebook on how to get through your PHD journey) ... We wish to support him in this way a small gift to appreciate him for making us proud for graduating with a PhD in Climate Change and becoming a pioneer in the field in Kenya and East Africa. 

This is especially a worth-celebrating-achievement as he made it while still under his 30's!  

Even after all these major milestones, he still has not lost his love for his chosen focus, Climate Change and Tourism, that he wishes to distribute these textbooks for free to the young minds still at university to make sure his love for the environment is shared free of charge. Dr. Njoroge has been dutifully giving talks and lectures on his upcoming book  How To Survive Your PHD at various locations/institutions around the country.

He has consequently declined offers by major publishers to bring his books to the print and press, if only to avoid over-commercializing what can otherwise be availed freely...and with your generous help of course!! :-)


Bachelor: Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management  Moi University 2007

Masters: Master of Science University of Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

PhD: Natural sciences: University of Hamburg, Germany 2015

More of his brilliant work can be found on his profile on Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Joseph_Njoroge/publications

You can reach him via +254720124732 for more info

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