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Helo friends. thanks for all your support towards mama Sophia's medication. God bless u

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The spirit of Cancer is now everywhere friends. It has left so many families fatherless, motherless, orphans.... It is one of the deadly & costly diseases in the World now. We all know this friends; it has left many needy families landless & without anything if I may say.

Mama Sophia Ombima is one of the victims suffering from Cancer. Hers is is Cervical & is now at stage 2b. She was taken to MTRH Eldoret for chemotherapy but the doctors saw to it that chemotherapy was not going to be effective because it was seen to have spread & this is the reason as to why she was reffered to Mp Shah Hospital in Nairobi for Radio Therapy treatment at 3,000,000/= & has to be attended to within 2weeks time. The family is financially down & is appealing to all friends & well wishers to kindly support them with anything little one is able. You can support this family with anything from 10 & above. They will have nothing to give you in return but our good Lord will. You are free to ask any querry or share your idea  please. The doctors will treat but its God who will heal; let us pray & trust upon Him for everything friends. I do believe the same God who provides for us & is the same God going to provide for this family too. You can share with any friend who may be touched to assist too friends. Do not assume that 10 bob in your mpesa please, just take some 30seconds & kindly support us to save this life please. You can support us by: 

Going to your Mpesa, Pay bill,,,,891300 then account no. 7284 & support us with any amount please. 

Mpesa ->pay bill->891300->acc no.7284

Your prayers & kind contributions will be highly appreciated. May our good Lord richly bless you & reward you. Thanks a lot.

From. Bornlast Webi Muse

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Dial: *483*57*7284#

Paybill: 891300

Account: 7284


Business Name: MCHANGA

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Business Number: 891300

Account Number: 7284

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 7284

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