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Boresha Ukulima Charity Drive

Hey Guys we've started a fundraiser on M- Changa for Boresha Ukulima- Aquaponics Project. Kindly support us, Thank you.

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With over 70% of fish species in the world already exploited or depleted, we are passionate about conservation. Help us bring cost effective simple integrated fish and horticulture farming systems to the small scale farmers.

 The system is;

  • entirely organic,
  • cost effective that provides double the output.
  •  Uses renewable energy and recycles water ‘eco-friendly’
  • 50-60% return on investments.

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We are a group of 6 aged; 19-26 and require your support to help farmers by producing our demo and prototype to help farmers triple their incomes and agricultural outputs.

 Our model not only benefits farmers but boosts food security and  prevents overfishing in our oceans and lakes. As a country, we can largely benefit from the nutritional boost of fish proteins and omega acids that only a few of us acquire due to high costs.


  1. ·         For donations KES 10,000 & above; a trip to our farm in Embu, a feature in our blog and certificate of appreciation, branded merchandise.
  2. ·         For KES 5000-9,900; certificate of appreciation and branded merchandise.
  3. ·         For KES 1000-4900; branded tshirts, caps, wristbands.
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Kindly Support our Project  BORESHA MKULIMA.

Read more about us, copy this link to your browser page at : https://aquacreatives.wordpress.com/

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 7261

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