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Fair Thy Well Benten, R.I.P

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We are sorry to be the bearers of sad news, but its unfortunate that our brother Benedict Etole Passed  on yesterday 19th June 2016 as of complications of Cancer of the Liver that he has been enduring for the  past 24 months. We still need your kind financial assistance to cub the hospital bills and burial expenses, please help us in kind and heart.


Brief History of Ben's Illness

Benedict Etole A.K.A Benten/Boi was diagonised with Cancer of the Liver in February 2015. It all started as a pneumonia that resisted medication triggering the family and medical practitioners to conduct series medication test and diagnosis that took several months of pain, fair, unrest and positive anticipation and finally during the month of May 2015, the medical tests that were done in South Africa revealed this monster that has been hunting and tormenting the family, Cancer of the Liver was the cause of all uncertainty that had disguised as a pneumonia since by then Benedict who is commonly known as Benten was complaining of Chest Pain.

Chemotherapy started immediately which took place once in every three weeks intervals. Benedict has undergone eight chemotherapy cycles but as time passed buy things started falling apart since he started developing stomach swelling prompting his doctor to conduct CT Scan that showed there was a mass growth in the stomach and with the advice of professional, on 1st March 2016, he was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital and shortly operated on 4th March 2016.

th April 2016 but as fate detect, with the help of Ultra Sound it was discovered that the bile duct had been interfered with during the process of operation. This contributed to the complication of his medical status since he started to generate water as a result of bile duct reactions which prompted for another re-admission to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) on 14th May 2016 to date. Since then, Ben has been undergoing several tests like MRCP, blood and fluid tests etc.

Eternal life grant unto him oh Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon his soul. Rest in Peace Brother

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