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Hey Friends, I've started a fundraiser on M-changa to raise money for JOSEPH KAHUMBI MEDICAL FEES

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Joseph Maina Kahumbi's life was normal; going on with his worldly duties and purpose, providing for his family, joining friends in normal social needs as well as happy times. Around September 2015 general abnormal symptoms and following rigorous tests, they revealed acute lymphatic leukemia stage 2 (blood cancer). He was admitted in Kenyatta Hospital for 2 months undergoing blood transfusions as well as chemotherapy sessions. The costs of treatment are high as we all know. In December we raised kshs 3 million and he  went to India for the further treatment. Upon arrival, as tests were being carried out to determine the best form of treatment he went down with a bad series of attacks from pneumonia to a coma and even kidney failure. At this point all else stopped and it was a battle against all odds to contain the infections occasioned by the chemotherapy. He  recovered and since the attacks and the counter measures had a toll on him the doctors advised they start a newer method of chemotherapy to allow him rebuild and do the stem cell transplant later. He has done a good job on rebuilding thank God. Further tests also revealed that he is suffering from Mantle cell lymphoma. Friends the attacks were neither kind on his body nor to the funds . We are requesting your help to raise the Kshs. 5 million required to enable Joseph Maina (Kahumbi) prepare for the final fight with the bad cells through a bone marrow transplant.

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