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Baby Ed Wonder is one year and nine months old, second born daughter of Ms. Sarah Auma and Late Pastor Charles Mwaura. Wonder has her elder sister who is three years old called Eliora. Sarah currently lives in Bungoma since February 2016. The Late Pastor Charles suffered a condition called Guillain - Barré Syndrome (GBS) and did not make it to live beyond four days after the onset of the condition which happened in December of 2014. Baby wonder was barely four months old.
In April this year, Baby Wonder was confirmed to have Server Profound Hearing Loss after a series of medical tests and surgery in Nairobi. This was a second heart breaking news in a short span to Sarah and entire family as she is still dealing with the loss of her husband. Even though the situation to this young family sounds devastating, we are encouraged that we are able to support baby Wonder to hear and also be able to develop her speech and full balance of activities including walking.

For this to happen, we have considered treatment plans at BLK Hospital in New Dehli - India in September this year. Wonder will undergo a Cochlear Implant surgery on both ears. Our estimated budget costs is approximately Ksh.3.5 Million. This amount will cover further medical evaluations and assessments, have the cochlear implant surgery done, their travel and accommodation costs as well as follow up treatment evaluations.

I appeal to you to kindly support us raise these financial resources. Besides the resources, your support will come a long way to enable Baby Wonder live a normal life, play and engage with her other age mates as normally as possible.

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach us on


God Bless,

Nina Auma

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