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Free Chepkorir From Hospital

Habari! Chepkorir anaitaji usaidizi wako aweze kutoka hospitalini. Watoto na shule wanamuhitaji sana. Asante!

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Faithful Prayer of a son brings God's healing power!

After exhausting Insurance, salary, savings and selling 2 cows, she had not expected another 30 days in ICU which cost 2.7 Million and a torturing stay at the General Ward awaiting to be released when the bill is paid. She is worried about her teaching position and how the children are doing without her, she feels helpless in this situation. Here is the story:

Chepkorir Natasha a school teacher and a mother of 2 (class 4 and one got B stand 66 points this 2016) had a normal headache when head teachers discovered she was not herself and eventually overwhelmed was rushed by teachers to Mediheal Eldoret. She was treated for high blood pressure for 2 weeks exhausting her salary, AON insurance and selling 2 cows. She was released and before she could finish her medicines in 2 weeks she got worst, confused with a lot of headache. She was rushed back to Mediheal hospital where she was taken to a makeshift ICU to be taken to the actual ICU in the morning. She was in ICU for one month. During this time her son stayed at ICU refusing to leave despite being not allowed. He was always at the door everytime rushing to see if she is still ok. She could not breathe or speak. One time someone dead with cotton buds was moved from the ICU and her son ran out of the hospital crying thinking it was her. One time her son heard on Sayari an evangelist praying for the sick. He called and the evangelist prayed and told him your mother wont die. 3 days later her was now ok breathing and talking not so clear. She was released to the ward where she was later discharged to the General ward awaiting the clearing of the bill till now. The school students and her children miss her. We thank God for healing her. Now God wants to bless those who are generous by contributing.

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