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Hi Friends, Zalia Amani is home for lack of fee. Let's join hands to take her back to Asumbi Girls

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I was born in a family of 3 brothers.We used to stay with my family in Bungoma where I started my nursery sch.

Through all odds, I have some how managed to be admitted@ Asumbi Girls High Sch, my continued stay there is threatened. This is purely because of lack of fee. I am now home for lack of fees. 

Before I joined class 1, my parents separated We went to Shimoni ( Mombasa) with mum where I joined std 1 we stayed there for about 2 yrs. Life was not easy we could go for days without a meal.

My mother re-married & things became worse for us.Its when dad decided to bring us back to Bungoma where he was engaged in business.The business did not pick well, so he decided to buy a power-saw to try his lack in the charcoal & timber business.Meanwhile we had to go back to mum in Shimoni, but it was not easy for her to accommodate us in her new family & that is how we came back home to join Ichinga Pri School.

While cutting down a tree in 2012 it fell on my dad, hitting him to cause a spinal injury & a crack of the skull. This lefthim paralyzed from the chest downwards.He spend 3 yrs in hospital, this forced me to repeat, as there was hardly any money for our fees. Life became so difficult as we had to care for him before we went to sch. We depended on well wishers to make ends meet. Mostly my teachers had to pay part of my sch fees as we could not raise it. My dad can only use a wheelchair and sit for a max of hrs a day.It has made him use all his saving since he cannot do any work.I would wake up very early, take a cold shower and go to sch after setting up whatever my dad needed. We could go to sch without breakfast. At times, ended up missing lunch,and even cook for ourselves this could make us late for afternoon classes.

Nevertheless, I decided to work very hard in class and so I would either be the 1st or the 2nd I engaged in other activities too. I was elected the President in the sch & in our zone & even making it at the Sub-County Deputy President. I was also

the scout leader, leading my troupe to position 1 during the Sub-County Scout camping at Simenya in 2015.

My target was to get 400 marks unfortunately i scored 368. My dream is to become a neuro-surgeon but I know I cannot achieve this without any kind of sponsorship as my father is obviously incapable of paying for my school fees.

But when I eventually achieve my dream , I will also work hard to sponsor kids who have gone through the same calamity as mine & are needy in the society. How I pray for any well wisher for such assistance.

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