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For a moment, I thought I was going to a children’s home, thinking that it was a facility just like any other children orphanage I happened to visit in the past. It was on this home in a slum known as Mathare, became clear to me that things are never usual. On Good Samaritan children home, you will find gates open all the time. Symbolically, it meant everyone is welcome to join in and together raise a society bound by compassion and love for one another. Couldn’t help notice how the children walked bare foot on the dirty floor, splashed with unclean water from within. The drainage system was a mess and you could see the struggle to keep warm with the kids. That week being significant, in that we had a focus on clean water and sanitation, while commemorating world’s toilets day, brought to reality what many are going through and the demanding dire conditions we as change makers should address and create enough awareness on.

The amazing thing I took note was that you don’t have to acquire much to give back to the society. I met this young guy from around,who came to bring a cabbage in this orphanage, that corresponds to $0.3 only. Well, that’s what he could afford and that really taught me a lot. It’s better to react to a needy situation than a wish you wish you did, while waiting to acquire much to be able to impact the society. It was clear enough that we don’t need too much to give, but rather what we just have.

Good Samaritan children home accommodates 570 children from the streets, disadvantaged homes and those rejected by their society in a 1/8 of an acre. Am humbled to meet this amazing woman, she has mothered more than 700 children, whom as she told me, some have graduated in college and have become  respected people in the society, others married and still others schooling from the same home. So full of life yet the problems we think she has managing the children and taking care of them never drowns that smile or rather doesn’t make her give up on the task she has ahead of her. Mama mercy as they call her, to me is a heaven sent being with an amazing heart.

kindly help us raise at least sh.50000 to buy shoes/slippers for this children at Good samaritan children home.

With our, Attitude of hope: a better tomorrow for the children and youth of our nation lets purpose to show compassion and give hope to this children.

The future of tomorrow its valid and bright! 

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