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Collins Ogamba's Surgeries

Please consider to help Collins Ogamba who is to undergo head and stomach surgeries at Kijabe Mission Hospital.

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Collins Ogamba was born on 5th May 2013. After birth was discovered to have a colostomy problem. On 13th May 2013, the boy was taken to Tenwek Mission Hospital for colostomy replacement. While on treatment, he later presented abdominal distensions and seizures. He started having pungent discharge from the colostomy site. He was admitted for transfusion, antibiotics and colostomy care. It was later noted that the boy was hyponatremic, a condition which was managed. He was also diagnosed of severe anemia due to sepsis. On 31st May 2013 he was discharged in a stable condition with the instructions that he be thoroughly breastfed. The In-Patient No. at the Hospital is 5109. The parents were asked to present the boy for follow-up clinics. The Out-Patient Family No. is 308833.
During the subsequent clinic follow-ups, it was discovered that the condition needed a major abdominal surgery to rectify the colostomy problem. The family was asked to raise Kshs 83,000 which they were not able to raise.
The parents of Collins, Ogamba and Josephine are victims of Post- Election Violence. They lived at Kiomogoro Village, Narok county (Rift Valley). All their meager investments were plundered during the melee. The couple left to their homeland in Nyamira County where they had absolutely nothing to start life with, not even a home! They put up a shanty house where they are staying with their 4 children. In order to take care of their family, the couple works as hired hands at people’s farms to get their daily bread.
While here at their homeland, the condition of the boy continued to deteriorate and the couple opted to visit home clinics and herbal medicine. The colostomy was infected and pus started oozing out. The boy started experiencing untold pain and would not sleep. The head enormously swelled. The parents were so distressed about this condition and prayed for God to take the boy in peace!
Last month, the couple called me, as their Pastor for prayers at their home. It was then that I discovered that the boy needed urgent medical attention. After baptism of the boy, I mobilized members of my parish who were able to raise some little money and sent the boy to AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital.
The condition worsens every other day. The diagnosis at Kijabe indicated that the boy needs some urgent abdominal and head surgery. Thank God that the fluid found at the head has not affected the brain, but if the situation is not remedied soon, it may affect the head!
There is an enormous amount of money needed to help this boy!
Collins is now 2 and half years but knows God! He asked us when we visited the home to say a prayer! God works in a mysterious way. Yes, from the mouth of babes, shall forth praises proceed forth!

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