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Ali Yussuf Kidney Transplant

Hello, Kindly help us raise funds for Ali Yussuf Kidney Transplant in India. He needs Ksh. 2.5 Million to facilitate the treatment and travel logistics. Your support is highly appreciated.

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So after what sounded like Physiology 101 class, I gave the doctor a blank stare, disbelieving and disapproving what he had just told me.

Apart from my swollen leg and occasional fatigue, I was OK, really OK.

But again my skin was darkening and I had run out of breath once or twice.

Maybe he could be right.

But no, I did not want to take in the sad news, at least not yet.

Then I stood up, gave him one look and walked out, I did not want to see him again, I did not want to hear what he had to say.

I would seek a second, third or even forth opinion if I had to, he had to be wrong.


Yet I could not bring myself to tell me or any other person what had happened.

I had waited for a long while for the results and now this?

I kept walking and it was after a long while that I realized I didn’t know where I was anymore, my face was drenched with tears and I looked haggard.

I had to get home somehow but not in this shape.

So with my results neatly tucked in my coat, I beamed up, turned and headed home.


And so here I was at the fourth doctor, waiting for my results.

He was an old man, confident and looked too kind to give me the damning results like the others.

He was swift in his work and really nice to talk to. He looked at me, gave me a smile and started asking me how my day had been and how was work, family and the weather. Absurd things to ask I must say.

It was only later that I realized he was trying to make me comfortable before he would confirm my worst fears. CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE.

You know the kind of news that leaves you numb and the only thing that moves is the hot salty tears as they roll down your cheeks.

Then he moved from his seat and came placed a hand over my shoulder.

‘…it’s okay really, you know all is not lost. Fortunately, there is a way out…’

I did not look at him and neither did I shift my gaze from the floor. Unlike in the three other instances when I had simply walked out, I lacked the courage to stand. I had been through so much pain and so may pills that I no longer wanted this life.

I wanted out and I was desperate here. But again I thought of my wife and my baby. I thought of my siblings with whom I share an inseparable bond. Surely they would be heartbroken, they would be devastated and they would not know what to say. Somehow I would have to tell them. Just that I did not know how to do it.

The doctor stirred me out of my world and asked me if he could call in my next of kin and explain to them everything.

I just looked at him and he saw the pulsating shock waves shake my entire being. He took me aside to a different room and asked me to wait in there.  I cried my heart out and asked all sorts of question, I analyzed myself, thought of what wrong I had done, what would make my organs fail so badly?

After a while, my brother walked in. he smiled brightly, sat next to me and told me I would be fine and we would go through it together. And so he talked to me and asked me to maintain a sunny disposition, smiled reassuringly and took me back to the doctor.

It seems I had no other choice but to accept what had happened. I would remain in denial but again, if there was a way out, my stronger will asked me to embrace it.


So we started the hemodialysis journey.

The kind doctor was kind enough to explain to me the process and how he would go about it.

It would be nasty for a start but then with time, it will be less painful but it would never be comfortable.

They inserted catheters to aid the dialysis and so all sort of medical procedures on me, to ensure that everything will be ok.

But this was a kind of temporary intervention, a long term permanent solution would be a kidney transplant.

I felt sick when the injections started and when they drew out blood from my frail body.

I went through it for a whole week which seemed to last for eternity.

Then I would be attending it twice a week till I get to the permanent solution.


It has been eight agonizing months since my diagnosis.

I have faithfully and religiously attended my dialysis sessions, I hang onto them coz they give me a new lease of life. I need to be strong enough to take my medicine and to jump onto the bed.

I need to assume the pain, fatigue and migraines I get after every session and I need to smile and thank God coz it could have been worse. But then again when the blood clots in the machine and I have to lose all of it, I stop and ask myself if it is really worth it. But it is at such instances that I am reminded and strengthened by the thought of a day without dialysis. And if this is the only way that has to keep me going, then I will endure it.

For me every hour that passes, I feel like I am inching closer to a solution, to a sort of breakthrough in this tedious journey.

My brothers joined in the journey and they are on for compatibility tests to allow one of them donate their kidney to me. How selfless, I keep thinking. They are heaven sent and I can’t help thanking God for them.

And for my friends who have had my back in this journey.

So one thing remains, and that is why I am sharing my story with you;

I need cash to help me through the final league of my journey and to allow me have a fresh lease of life.

Please help me by donating the little you have to allow me have a kidney transplant in India.


 Have my back in this journey, will you?

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