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7 years ago, someone closer was raped in Kibera from her way to work, she didn’t find Justice because our family didn’t know who, how and where to report to and even how to preserve evidence. The perpetrator’s used weapons to threaten and silence her. Besides, women and young girls who underwent such horrifying experiences, were either blamed for being responsible for what happens to them because of what they wear, where they were and what they were doing. They opt to keep silent because of shame and fear of being blamed.

 This is what many young women and youth experience frequently in kibera and other informal settlements. A scene I witnessed last year of a young man, a suspect of defilement, the community had gathered around to lynch him as a way of delivering instant Justice to the suspect. From a far it took the intervention of a woman who urged the crowd to seek legal means to deliver justice but not mob Justice. This initiated a discussion amongst the crowd and the witnesses who agreed that rape, defilement and abuses is punishable by law, but not through mob justice. This scene has ever since provided me with a source of hope and an opportunity to engage my community to come up with solutions to the problems they face, if they can be organized and inspired towards a joint action for change.

The Gov. of Kenya initiated a National Youth Service Project in Kibera about a year ago, that employed approximately 4000 thousand youth, which in turn could be interpreted for economic improvement. It was seen as a major step to reduction in crime rate and violence against women since young men and women were beginning to participate in structured socio - economic growth activities. Unfortunately the Program came to an abrupt halt due to corruption from the allied ministry, the young women and men due to desperation resorted back to their previous lifestyles. Many are now being shot dead by the police in the event of robbery, a number of young female in the slum suffers domestic abuses since the burden is now left for men who are strained.

 The nation faces a great deal of challenges to do with insecurity and crime. Most often than not, youth have been seen as the main players in the struggle to feed, clothe and provide for their already very poor families. More to that, most of the casualties who continue to suffer in such environments are women and girls as the cycle propagates sexual violence. This is no longer a challenge for Kenya alone but the world reflecting through the sustainable development goals on addressing inequality to solve poverty – goal numbers 5 and 10. These goals are putting emphasis on the need to strongly protect women in vulnerable environments.

Through the Tatua Kenya fellowship, I have the opportunity to build a grass roots movement that engages youth to lead the fight on gender based violence. That way, we gain a secure community where every man and woman is focused on growing the social economic space collectively. The fellowship requires every fellow to contribute KES 50,000 towards the fellowship fund for training and coaching costs as we initiate campaigns in our respective communities. Say YES to this campaign by making your contribution in support of FREEDOM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, FREEDOM FOR EVERY GIRL, FREEDOM FOR EVERY WOMAN IN KIBERA!

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