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Help GreenChar empower 100 women and reach 100,000 homes.

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Household air pollution caused by cooking with firewood and charcoal is the greatest health risk in the world after high blood pressure, tobacco, and alcohol. Yet nearly 90% of Kenyan households still use these wood fuels as their main source of household energy. Indoor air pollution in Kenya causes:

  • 16,000 death each year
  • 70% of black-carbon emissions, the second leading cause of climate warming
  • Continuous deforestation at a rate of 50,000 hectares of forest cover per year
  • Unhealthy, unclean kitchens, which make cooking an unenjoyable experience

GreenChar aims to solve this problem by providing alternative cooking fuels and stoves through an innovative community led program.

Our Solution

GreenChar is a social enterprise that provides clean alternative charcoal  made from revitalized agricultural wastes and distributes clean cookstoves.

GreenChar's charcoal briquettes are :

Eco Friendly - curbs deforestation by using revitalized agricultural wastes

High Energy - can be used to cook a wide variety of foods

Smokeless - reduces the risk of harmful respiratory diseases 

Long lasting - reduces overall fuel costs for ordinary Kenyan families 

GreenChar distributes clean cookstoves that optimize the efficiency of the briquettes.The cookstoves reduce smoke and particle emissions, retain more heat and reduce fuel costs to provide families with the ultimate clean cooking experience.

Combined, these complementary products provide a complete household cooking environment, saving lives, money, and time.

We work with local communities to distribute our products. 

Help us reach 100,000 homes

Our approach is to train local women and youth on financial literacy, marketing and sales and then empower them to start their own distribution networks. This approach provides them with a path out of poverty.  

Through the funds that we raise we will train 100 independent micro-entrepreneurs who will start their own independent re-sale businesses. Our hope is that in one year they would have reached 100,000 homes. 

The Good News 

The Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) in collaboration with the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID) are going to match whatever you donate shilling for shilling (up to $30,000)! This means that a KES 1,000 donation is equivalent to KES 2,000 

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