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My name is Hellen Nasieki. I am originally from Busia in Uganda. My father is called Majengo while my grandfather is Sievanda


I am a proud mother of three children.  I am a single parent as my husband passed away when my girl was very small. He died in a fatal road accident. My eldest child is ten years old and my youngest is turning two in January.  I currently live with my small girl, while the other children live in Kakamega with my mother. I normally share anything I get from my business with my mother for my children’s upkeep.

I came to the city three years ago to earn a living. I started by selling baby clothes. I would go to Gikomba and buy clothes at a wholesale price after which I would  go round selling them. However, after a nasty incident where the City Council Askaris took away the clothes and my days earning I decided to look for an alternative way to earn an income. I decided to work as a house helpa. However I quit after two months and decided to sell biro pens. I would buy them at wholesale prices and sell them in matatus including the ones plying Githurai and Muthurwa routes. However, at that time my husband passed away, which really affected me and took me back


I joined SDA Church and they were very helpful to me. I visited both the  Githurai and  Muthurwa SDA and the embers there were very supportive. They often gave me give me food, clothes and lot's of helpful advice.

I tried selling fruits. One day I bought oranges for ksh 50 bob and after selling them I made a sale of ksh 100. I was encouraged to continue with the business as I ended up making ksh 200 in a day. However, the fruit business was tricky as they often got spoilt very quickly.  Also I have had experiences with the City Council askaris who took helped themselves with my goods. In most cases the street boys would end up harassing and picking my products and earning.

That made me shift my focus to sweet potatoes whose lifespan is longer

I do not have a roof over my head.  In most cases I sleep at a shanties in Muthurwa where we pay ksh 30 per night . We're like a school but that's better than in the street because my baby is in a warmer place. This wheelbarrow contains the only thing I own.

I  love my family. Despite everything I have gone through I am a  greatful to be alive. I believe in a brighter tomorrow






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