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HERE IS MY BROTHER's story Jimmy

""It started with headaches which we thought would go away with painkillers. But my 19-year-old brother Jimmie still complained of persistent headaches, and with time his appetite decreased. We rushed him to Kitale Level 4 hospital a few days later due to severe and continuous nose bleeding. The doctors managed to stop the bleeding but didnt know the problem. 

 All they knew was that my little brother needed 5 pints of blood after a few tests. Jimmie was referred to Kapenguria hospital and together with 2 friends, my dad and me, we gave 4 pints of blood. My brother was discharged after symptoms alleviated but the worst was yet to come.

One month later, I could not believe my eyes when my brother’s head started swelling. Blood was flowing out of his nose and mouth which chocked him when he tried to swallow it. I felt helpless. I held back tears because I had to be strong as the oldest to four siblings. One day later Jimmie’s right eye created a deformed shape. Dad had to rush Jimmie to Chandaria Cancer Centre Eldoret because the doctors had suspected Jimmie had cancer. 

On their arrival to Chandaria, the doctors were shocked at the sight of Jimmie. The last time doctors had treated such a case was in the 90s. Thankfully, they said that the patient was treated and got better. After this, the doctor ordered some tests which showed that Jimmie had acute blood cancer (Leukemia).  

The first doctor that tended to Jimmie misguided dad. He promised that drugs called ZULU would restore Jimmie’s health. We doubted the drugs but we were desperate. And desperation can beat logic at times. The drugs were covered by NHIF at the time. Dad and Jimmie came back home. Jimmie took the ZULU drugs which reduced the swelling but the eye was still deformed and he was still weak. 

2 weeks later, we met a guardian angel. Another doctor saw Jimmie during the second clinic and went through his file. He took on Jimmie’s medical case. He recommended tests that showed that Jimmie needed blood_ again. Leukemia drained Jimmie’s blood every two weeks. I had to go to Eldoret to donate blood for Jimmie. My brother was then admitted to Chandaria and started receiving chemo.

My dad had to stop working to cater to Jimmie in Eldoret. He is a driver of matatus (Kitale to Western). Dad doesn’t make much and rent piled up for three months while he wasn’t at work. NHIF covered for Jimmie’s Chemo but not the drugs which cost approximately 60000 ksh. Our friends and family chipped in to help out with the bills. I had to stop my plans to join college because dad couldn’t afford it. 

My mum was employed in a cloth shop but had to stop because the shops were demolished. All mum could do was turn to prayers. My little brother (5yrs) and sister(14yrs) kept wondering when Jimmie was coming home. They knew Jimmie was sick but they did not understand the full scope of the problem. 

It was tough but God was with us. Jimmie got better due to chemo. He lost weight and all his hair fell out, but there was positive progress. Jimmie’s eye went back to normal and the swelling on his head disappeared completely. After chemo, the doctor monitored Jimmie’s weight gain for 3 days and was discharged. 


Jimmie came back home. We were ecstatic and gave him soup, juice, food and medicine over the next few weeks. His hair grew back and he regained his weight. My brother was healed and the horror was over. Jimmie went back to school, repeated form 2 and went for his clinics. Aah! Finally! But this happiness was only for a short time

Last week, we went to Jimmie’s clinic as usual. The doctor performed some tests and the results were great. But the doctor asked for a second test which confirmed that the disease is not behind us. Jimmie is going to be sick again.

The doctor suggested the best option is a bone marrow transplant in India. It is better than waiting for Jimmie to return to his critical state. The bone marrow transplant costs 5 million ksh which will be covered by NEMIS. However, it doesn’t cover other costs. 

One of us (siblings) need to donate bone marrow to Jimmy. However, there is a test needed to see who is a match. 

Each test costs 40,000 ksh and we are four which will total to 160,000 ksh. We also require money for 

-Passports (Jimmie, one parent and one sibling



-Accommodation in India

All this totals to 300,000 ksh

Jimmie is only 19 years and has as long life ahead of him. I want to see him grow old and healthy, get married and have kids. My dad cannot raise the money. This is why I have chosen this platform to ask any kind stranger for help. We started an M-changa account to raise the money. Any amount is appreciated! Help us save my brother. 


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