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Of a truth, Afrika is easily the most marginalized, and exploited continent on earth. Yet, with all her amazing people, abundant resources and creative potential... this should not be the case.

We believe that one of the reasons for this continuously 'downtrodden' states is that Afrika's identity and the identity of Afrikans has been heavily corrupted, controlled and manipulated by those who want us to believe that we are unable to do greater than what we have known. And what we have known is a carefully crafted story of corruption, disease, drought, hunger and state failure. 

Yet, when we look around us all we see are beautiful, intelligent people who have the ability to transform the reality of Afrika into what it ought to be: that of a strong and powerful people who live on the basis of love, brotherhood and the principles of Ubuntu. 

Since 2019, Msingi Afrika Magazine and since 2020 Msingi Afrika TV have been peeling back the layers of deception and shining a spotlight on the beauty of our true reality for all to see. We have done this deliberately, knowing and believing that if we can only see what we really are, then the entirety of how we live will change.

We have met and interacted with brilliant Afrikans who live on and off the continent, we have met brothers and sisters who are descendants of those who were taken from us through slavery - and the single unifying thing we have noted? Everyone wants to make a change and to make a difference for the people and the continent of Afrika. Be it in business, at a community level, through healing and nutrition or empowerment through other means - we all are a people who believe that the story of Afrika can change.

The Msingi Afrika family is calling for your help to make this change a reality. We need to shift the way we do things to take a stronger position in letting more of our Afrikan family know about how great they are and to create greater linkages and connections within our Afrikan family that can help things shift faster and more powerfully than we have been able to do thus far. Truthfully, we have been limited by the resources at our disposal, which have often forced us to do less than we know is possible. We have also been limited by the platforms we have been using which we have discovered - as you know - have been restricting our story from reaching the people it needs to reach in order to be more impactful.

If, in this short time, we have been able to grow our audiences in the way that we have, even with carefully crafted censorship from the platforms we use - then we believe and trust that - with your help and support - we can grow to impact even large audiences on https://www.msingiafrikamagazine.com and https://www.msingiafrika.tv. We need to secure these platforms, ensure they can remain live, obtain better equipment that allows us to capture and share the true stories of Afrika with more people and expand the scope of the content that we are sharing in order for Afrikans to have a place that they can come to, a well to drink from that refreshes, heals and restores.

We have real expenses that we have met, so far, through the kindness of family and friends, even those we do not know, and through projects that we have worked on here and there. However, we often find ourselves still short of what is needed and struggling to keep things going, let alone growing, when it ought not to be so. Truly, we have experienced the challenges that Afrika faces, firsthand. What keeps us going is the vision that we have and the knowledge that change can truly come to Afrika.

Please join us in this effort to raise the funds we need to grow the Msingi Afrika platforms to become what they can become. Your one-off, weekly or monthly donation can push us to the heights that we need to get to in order to counter the negativity that is levelled against the continent and people of Afrika on a daily basis. Will you help us tell the true story of Afrika?


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