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Help Us Rebuild Inua Mimi - Kibera

Hi, I have started this fundraiser to raise money to rebuild Inua MiMi Rescue Centre that was ravaged by fire. Any amount is highly appreciated. God Bless.

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Inua MiMi Rescue Centre is a home to 60+ children in the heart of Kibera. We provide shelter, food, we give them basic education, including art, photography as well as sports, we love and care for them. This is also our way of giving back to the community as children from neighbouring homes often ften visit to play, learn, eat and bond with their friends at the centre.

On October 23, at around 9:00pm a fire broke out in Olympic Kibera. The fire spread quickly and Inua MiMi Rescue Centre was ravaged by the fire, we lost everything to the fire. Thankfully, everyone got out safely, the kids are safe. We are now on our road to recovery, it will be an uphill task to find footing and so we are asking for your help in rebuilding the home so as to ensure we continue supporting the children by making sure they have shelter above their heads and food on their plates. Any amount, any kind of donation is highly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless


PS: You can visit our page on Instagram - @putasmileonachildsface,  <https://www.instagram.com/putasmileonachildsface/>  to see the kind of work that we do as we aim to put a smile on a childs face. Thank you 


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