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Help Turkana College & University Students Access Higher Education By Enabling Tucusa To Run Student Activities and Advocate For Student Rights

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Turkana County University Students Association, usually abbreviated as TUCUSA, is a non-political student organization that brings together Turkana students undertaking tertiary education in different colleges and universities in Kenya and abroad. We are committed to Promoting Student Welfare, Giving Back to our Local Community and Partnering with different Stakeholders in Promoting Education in Turkana County.

At TUCUSA, we believe that when supported with the necessary resources, college and university students are capable of contributing to the much desired development in Turkana County. As a student-run organization that serves as the official voice of the student body, TUCUSA attempts to better the student experience in Turkana County by functioning both as a governing body and an advocacy group. Involved in policy-making, representation, programming, lobbying, community services, and countless other activities, we work alongside leaders to address student concerns.

TUCUSA works towards promotion of Peace, Unity and Good Governance and does so by carrying out community empowerment programs aimed at enlightening the community on its rights, current affairs etc. We are also committed to the Universal respect for Human Rights which recognizes the right of every person to take part in the administration of our County Government. We believe equal access to power, decision-making and leadership by both men and women at all levels is a necessary precondition for the proper functioning of any democracy. Equal participation of men and women in political affairs makes governments at all levels more representative of the various categories of society more accountable and transparent. As a student body bringing together college and university students from all over Turkana County, we intend to inform policy making through our actions and words.

To strive for honor in the service and protection of the college and university student body in Turkana County, we represent student interests by being the bridge between leaders and students. In addition, we work diligently to cultivate partnerships with the student body, the leaders, different institutions and community in order to maximize each student’s educational and personal growth. TUCUSA also encourages student involvement and will provide opportunities to develop a lifetime relationship with stakeholders and development partners for each student and to keep members at the forefront of higher education. Founded and funded by students, TUCUSA encourages students to express their concerns and ideas, promotes an environment of open discourse and academic excellence, and proactively represents the student voice to the leaders through ethical and accountable public services.

This Fund Drive aims at raising funds necessary to support Tucusa in Serving Students and Reducing the numerous challenges affecting Turkana Students in their pursuit of higher education.

OUR MISSION is To be a leading student association in the promotion of Student Welfare and Giving Back to the local community as well as Student Representation and to constructively advocate for the rights of students of Turkana County.

OUR VISION is To Promote Education and student welfare by initiating Student Empowerment Programs and ensuring Transparency in the Management of Student Affairs.

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