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This will restore lost part of the Greenline & enhance plant biodiversity within remaining sections to provide a thicker barrier between the road and the Park.

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Nairobi National Park 75th Anniversary Tree Planting Initiative

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are writing to let you know about an initiative launched by well wishers of Nairobi National Park, Kenya Wildlife Service and local tree planting organisations to mark the 75th anniversary of Nairobi National Park.

The Park provides a haven for wildlife and an accessible place for Nairobi residents to enjoy nature. Whilst the continued presence of the Park is a notable success, in recent years construction projects are impacting the Park and its wildlife. We are keen to make sure that the Park is secure for the next 75 years and more!

Construction of the Southern bypass unfortunately meant that parts of the previously planted “Greenline”, which separated the Park from the old road, were cleared. This has resulted in the width of the green barrier reducing in many places and parts of the Greenline being completely lost leaving the Park immediately meeting the bypass.

Our initiative will restore lost portions of the Greenline and enhance plant biodiversity within remaining sections to provide a thicker barrier between the road and the Park. Our team involves scientists, restoration ecologists, conservationists and professional horticulturalists which means our tree planting approach is well-planned and will deliver strong outcomes.

To ensure success:

• We will only plant tree and shrub species that are native to Nairobi National Park. Trees 2ft and above have been donated and allocated for sale for this initiative from tree nurseries in and around Nairobi. Planting material is locally sourced, selected species are all native to this section of the Park and therefore naturally adapted to the area. This will benefit local wildlife and ensure that the trees and shrubs planted have a good chance of survival. Photo taken in Nairobi National Park.

The planted area will create a 20m wide green barrier on the inner edge of the Park next to the Southern bypass and the buildings seen at the back of this photo. 

• We will support natural regeneration of existing trees and shrubs. Existing trees and shrubs will be pruned to speed up their growth. Natural and planted trees and shrubs will be given NPK (a mix of natural Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) to speed up their growth and ensure strong and healthy trees. Assisting natural regeneration will also allow for a wider diversity of native plant species to thrive as part of this initiative.

• We will install an electric fence to protect planted and naturally regenerating plants. This will ensure that animals cannot browse on the planted and naturally regenerating plants. The fence will stay in place for 18 months, until the plants are large enough to withstand animals entering.

• We will install a drip irrigation system and water storage tanks. This will provide regular water supply to the planted and regenerating trees and shrubs for 18 months. It also removes the requirement for a large number of people to regularly visit the site for maintenance, which requires security and is not deemed a safe or preferable option because of the wildlife, despite the fence being installed.

We are initially looking for sponsorship to support three 20 x 250 m sections.

The cost per section is 1.8m KES and a full budget breakdown is available on request. In the longer-term, this initiative aims to plant and support natural regeneration within additional 20 x 250 m sections to extend the green barrier along the whole stretch where the road meets the Park. We invite you to contribute to this initiative to mark the 75th anniversary of Nairobi National Park and leave a legacy.

In return for your sponsorship your name will be placed on a plaque at the site and your logo included in promotional materials. Our aim is to start planting on 30th October 2021, starting hole digging, fencing and irrigation as soon as possible.

Donations to be made to M-Changa account. Non-monetary donations are also welcome.

Go to: Mpesa

Select: Lipa na Mpesa Paybill: 891300

Account: 50316

Confirmation will read: NNP@75 Tree Planting Initiative

Or go to: https://secure.changa.co.ke/myweb/share/50316

For more information, please contact us using the details below. We thank you in advance for any support you can give.

Yours faithfully, The Nairobi National Park Tree Planting Team

Olga Ercolano: 0722521556 artworkafrica@gmail.com

Tanvir Ali: 071771470 tanvir.mohsin.ali2@gmail.com

Trish Heather-Hayes: 0726642021 pheatherhayes@yahoo.com

Nairobi National Park 75th Anniversary Tree Planting Initiative

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Dial: *483*57*50316#

Paybill: 891300

Account: 50316


Business Name: MCHANGA

Reference: 50316

Business Number: 891300

Account Number: 50316

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 50316