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Helping Africa Learn Digital Skills

Hi Guys, I've started a fundraiser on M-Changa to raise money for an Online Learning Solution that will help Africans Learn Digital Entrepreneurship Skills.

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Hi Everyone! My wife Rita and I are passionate about empowering others economically. Like many people in our country (Kenya) & on our continent, we weren't lucky to find formal employment jobs after college--even after hundreds of applications. Thankfully, our story doesn't end there. Learning a digital skill from a college friend in 2016 helped us change the trajectory of our lives. To date, we're able to cater to our needs thanks to the skills we acquired. We created Tech-Hood digital solutions to share this knowledge with many others. Why? This changed our lives in ways we can't even express. We know what it feels like to struggle without an income.


As Psychology graduates, this is also our way of helping lower the cases of mental health issues that result from financial burdens--especially during this pandemic period. So far on our own, we've trained hundreds to work online. We've shared a lot of information about digital entrepreneurship on YouTube with over 200,000 people since 2018. But, we want to do more. Covid made life harder for people and we decided to build an online learning solution for digital entrepreneurship skills in Africa (launching soon). Here, we'll have other online experts sharing their knowledge & training people to reach millions more. We plan to have a novel and flexible model of payment that allows anyone to be able to afford to learn digital skills regardless of their current financial state.


What's Ahead of Us :

1. Marketing the platform 

2. Making the courses available in places with little internet access or (less bandwidth)

3. Hiring more developers to help things move faster

4. Getting legal aspects sorted out 

5. Building the second half of our platform

(where learners can sell their skills once they're equipped with the right knowledge)

6. Get digital tools & to make the project efficient.

7. Translation of course content to some local languages


Help us Achieve the Following: 

1. Help single and stay at home moms provide for their families

2. Give an unemployed youth a chance at a positive future

3. Offer the corporate person who lost their job a place to start again

4. Assist a high-school graduate who didn't make it to college to find a way to make ends meet.

5. Give a college student a way out of their student loan, and a future without financial anxiety

6. Lower the crime rates that result from unemployment

7. Alleviate mental illnesses brought about by financial issues


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Thank You for your support!



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