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At the age of 11, I recall reading a Careers book and a picture of a female pilot flying an Airbus A380 caught my attention and I said to myself "How awesome would it be if I could fly that?" Several years later, my father took me up on a flight in a Cessna 172 and he was flying. I still remember the turbulence as he was about to land, It was thrilling to be in the back seat, and at that moment I told myself "I want to do this one day!"

So I started my pilot training in 2012, I never imagined all the hurdles that I would have to jump, mainly how much money it would cost just to gain all the required licenses. I have been unable to keep up with payments up until now and I am lagging behind.

I want to fly for the rest of my life and be a pilot with a cause! This means flying for Organizations like African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), World Food Program (WFP), World Wildlife Federation (WWF), and others. Besides flying I am very passionate about helping others and by completing my pilot training there will be one more pilot out there making a difference in the World.

The Aviation industry is male-dominated and completing my training I believe will encourage more young ladies to enter this field. One of my goals as a Pilot is to start a foundation to support young girls who are financially challenged to pursue their pilot training.

This is why I am inviting you to contribute towards assisting me to raise KSH 3,000,000 to complete my Pilot training. I believe I can be a possible source for other young women and ladies having their dreams turn into realities.

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