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Bensesa School Fundraiser

Hello!friends and well wishers join us fundraise to educate ,feed,cloth, and light houses of 70 orphans in Kenya.

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  1. Summary

Bensesa is feeding, educating,clothing,and lighting houses of the 70 children from financially challenged families in Nairobi-Kenya.

What is the is the issue problem or challenges

There are an estimated 1million orphans in Nairobi an estimated 100 children are orphaned everyday most of these children withdraw from school due to lack of family support .mulnutrution increases the chances of children dying from diseases.

How will this project (Bensesa School) solve this problem.

This is providing 70 orphan children with life essentials,such as food,uniform, solar lanterns and more education as the only means of pulling them out of poverty.

Potential Long term impact.

For too many of the orphans obtaining an education is an elusive goal.This project believes and invest in education as one of the means for pulling them out out poverty once educated the children will find value and meaning in life.

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Business Name: MCHANGA

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Business Number: 891300

Account Number: 4835

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 4835

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