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Hi guys I've started a fundraiser on M-Changa to raise money for VIRJI PINDORIA-MEDICAL FUND-CANCER

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Since last year August, Virji D Pindoria (PATELI) has been experiencing recurrent infections, based on this the GP asked him to visit a specialist, who suggested a surgery. Upon the surgery a further biopsy was requested by the specialist, which was then diagnosed as Cancer in April 2021. Within a few weeks the cancer metastasized and spread further that required an immediate surgery. Unable to travel to india due to the current pandemic, he was therefore admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital on 15th  June and a 6.5 hours long tricky procedure was performed on 17th June.
He requires a further 10 days plus Hospitalization due to resricted mobility he requires physiotherapy and thereafter further chemotherapy treatment.  

The family is hereby requesting friends supporters and wellwishers to join there hands to support Virji Pindoria. 

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