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“Your donation would not just help me get through college; it will help me to improve the lives of countless families to come. “

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My name is Jenipher Akuku Man’geni from Mombasa, Kenya. I recently graduated from the African Leadership University with first-class honors in Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about content creation, Marketing, Communication, and charity nonprofits. My friends describe me as a welcoming person, hardworking, fun, kind, high-spirited, self-driven, and compassionate.


I have been actively involved in events planning, counseling programs, leadership seminars, and mostly charity services. At the age of 21, I started Pendo Foundation while studying, a non-governmental start-up that started in Rwanda whose vision is to inspire positive action and help create a sustainable environment of love and care for vulnerable people communities in Africa. Pendo Foundation has helped over 150 families and mentor over 100 adolescents and provide them with sanitary towels in hand with our partners and hopes to do more. I aspire to work in the non-profit sector throughout my career journey. 


After completing my degree, I wanted to further study in order to keep engines moving at Pendo and further expound my knowledge in the non-profit sector and that led me to apply to the University of Notre Dame for a Masters in Nonprofit. On March 3rd, I got an offer letter to study for Masters in Nonprofit Management (MNA) at the University Of Notre Dame in the United States Of America which was the best news I ever got this year. I was awarded a 50% merit scholarship at the program.


Unfortunately, the scholarship given to me is not enough and I have been trying to raise funds to cater for the rest of my tuition, flights, and accommodation expenses for me to attend the school this fall. The program starts in August.



 The University of Notre Dame du Lac, known simply as Notre Dame or ND, is a private Catholic research university in Notre Dame, Indiana, outside the city of South Bend. It was founded in 1842 by Edward Sorin and ranks as one of the best universities in the world according to research. The Master of Nonprofit Administration program is a 10-month residential programme designed for college graduates with a servant heart and a business mind who want to make an impact in society. According to The Economist, Mendoza’s alumni network ranks No. 4 in the world in alumni effectiveness and  No. 9 in the potential to network. Learn more about the MNA here


Why you should donate.

By doing the MNA, I will be empowered to continue my education and access opportunities that can help me to give back to different communities around me. 

I want to study and help my parents and empower my siblings.

Going to Notre Dame will be a life-changing turn for me and my career aspirations.



 Tution : $38,150

Scholarship: $15,000

Remaining amount: $23,150

Accommodation and meal: $10350

Non-refundable deposit: $1000

School supplies, Transport: $5000

 Total:  $39500

This link shows the annual budget for the program by the university.

 I understand that COVID-19 has negatively affected many people financially, but if there is anything that you can contribute to help me attend University, I would appreciate this genuine gesture.

“Your donation would not just help me get through college; it will help me to improve the lives of countless families to come. “


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