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Borehole Water Drilling In Bullo

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Bullo is a Village in the Northern Kenya about 550km from the Capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. It has no water: the stream is about 7km from the settlement. There are 2,300 people in the village. The people are normads who keep camels and goats which are hardy animals that could strive in arid climate of 250mm rainfall. The rainfall is received between October to December yearly. It is a dry climate, no food crops are grown. No shops for essential foods like grains and even salt. They travel 40km away and there is no transportation. Only two people have motorbike in the village for transportation. It is common to see people being carried on the top carriage of saloon car. My late husband lost a brother because he fell off from the top of a vehicle.

There is no clinic or dispensary. The only school there has only two teachers. Old people are unwell because they are starving..

I live around Nairobi in Kenya, the capital city. I was invited by my brother in-law to come and see Bullo village and to help with medicine for people and livestock and also food relief for the old unwell in the village. I was shocked to see the situation I described above and I have been trying to see how to raise funds for borehole water drilling. I got the quotation from Simba Driller in Kenya that it will cost Ksh.1,200,000. 

If Borehole water is drilled in Bullo it will eradicate poverty and insecurity. People will start growing foods.  Teachers and clinic will come to the area.  

The KSh.1,200,000 quotation for borehole can be paid directly to the Borehole company. Their quotation and address are in the attachment. If the money can be ready by 30th June, 2021, it will be very significant for the community in Bullo.

Helen Ahmed.

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