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Khalid Abdallah

Joining hands with others to save a life..as he is in a critical stage and the only way is to get a kidney transplant

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I am Khalid Abdallah Khamis and i'm suffering from End Stage Renal Disease diagnosed in November 2008.Both of my kidneys have failed and i need dialysis twice a week at 5 hours a day for each dialysis run.

Due to the dialysis my body is getting infected frequently and creating more complications which are very painful and my health condition is deteriorating.

According to my nephrologist transplant is the best recommended treatment in order for me to live a healthy life.

My niece is ready to donate her kidney to me.The post operative treatment would come to approximately Kshs 1.7M as indicated in a letter enclosed herein from my nephrologist.My family and I aren't financially stable hence my kind request to you for your financial assistance to help me raise the required amount to enable me to undergo the above procedure which is scheduled for June this year at Mediheal hosipal and fertility center in Eldoret.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

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