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We invite you to join the movement for genuine social transformation. We invite you to #PowerTheBase.

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Tatua Kenya was launched three years ago, with the goal of addressing the root causes of poverty. Rather than service delivery, we focus on building community organizers: changemakers who leverage the power and resources within their communities to create grassroots-driven change. We believe that this is a more sustainable approach to community development because it fosters the attitude that communities do not need to look outside themselves in order to find solutions to systemic community problems.Each year, Tatua selects a handful of fellows, who we guide through our uniquely adapted community organizing curriculum. For six months, Tatua then offer personalized coaching to each fellow, to help him/her successfully unite their communities around a chosen social issue.

Currently, Tatua is coaching ten incredible fellows who comprise the fellowship class of 2015. Our working on a range of campaigns from reproductive health rights to waste management and drug use among youth, in communities from Murang'a (Murang'a County) to Kawangware (Nairobi County) to Ngon’g (Kajiado County).

However, the process of mobilization can be slow, and our fellows need our help to get their campaigns off the ground. Moreover because we do not charge our fellows for their participation in the program, we are constantly seeking creative ways to manage the operational costs associated with the fellowship program. Now, we are turning to you – our community – to support our staff and fellows as they continue to lay the foundations for lasting change. Our fundraising goal is 150,000 KES (15,000 KES per fellow) to cover operational costs including: transportation, development of training materials, and basic food expenses, for the remainder of the calendar year.

We invite you to stand with us as we energise the grassroots. We invite you to join the movement for genuine social transformation. We invite you to #PowerTheBase. 

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