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Fundraising £68,344 towards enhancing improved infrastructure to provide a safe learning environment in Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School, Kenya.

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Peter Tabichi Foundation (PTF) seeks to fundraise £68,344 towards enhancing improved infrastructure in Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School. PTF is a registered non-profit charity that seeks to promote access to quality education through empowering the disadvantaged children in the community by embracing opportunities of 21 st-century education to unlock their potential. PTF's long-term objectives include providing a safe learning environment, scholarships, mentorship, and nurturing creativity using SHTEAM approach.

Currently, providing a safe learning environment is our top priority. That is why we intend to enhance school infrastructure through the construction of six (6) fully-equipped classrooms @ £9,824 each, an office space @ £3,355, and the acquisition of thirty (30) desktop computers @ £202 each for Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School. The total budget for this project is £68,344 (or $94,518).

Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School is a sub-county rural school located in Pwani village, rift valley part of Kenya. It has inadequate physical infrastructure for the growing student population. With the introduction of Free Primary and Free Day Secondary schooling hundreds of pupils got enrolled in both primary and secondary schools. This huge number of children population is not marched by both teachers and physical infrastructure. The government policy on 100% transition to secondary school has brought both challenges and opportunities to Keriko Secondary school. This government policy will ensure that all pupils will have an opportunity to access secondary education. This means that hundreds of primary school pupils can now join secondary schools.

There is a great need for improved infrastructure and to decongest the classrooms to allow for participatory learning and increase student-teacher contact. The need for social distancing, regular washing of hands, and sanitization of working surfaces need to be entrenched in the school.

The parents of Keriko Secondary School and indeed the Government of Kenya through Free Day Secondary Education and the devolved funds have tried to ensure that the school has the basic physical infrastructure to allow learning to take place. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought in new challenges that need to be addressed very urgently. The need for social distancing, requires more learning space in classrooms, more water for regular hand washing, and for disinfecting working surfaces. All these requirements require resources that are very scarce during this era of Covid-19. The majority of parents are very poor and depend on rain-fed agriculture for their subsistence farming.

The project will facilitate learning while at the same time ensuring the safety of students and staff through social distancing, regular hand washing, and sanitization of working surfaces. Learners will also have access to quality secondary education that will enable them to join tertiary institutions for knowledge and skills that are life-transforming.

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