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Hi! I’m Robert Omondi or RJ to my friends. I am a young Kenyan from a low-income family and a product of our local education system. Because of the significant role education has played in uplifting myself and my family, and the pivotal contributions my teachers have played, I developed an early appreciation of its importance in socio-economic mobility. It's the reason I work in the education sector and strive day in to transform the trajectories of hundreds of students I closely work with and support. This is my life's passion and greatest dream - to narrow the achievement gap among Africa’s youth by pursuing inclusive and impactful policy changes. I recently got accepted to Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University on a partial scholarship to pursue a Masters in Public Policy. In the backdrop of a fast-changing world, policy matters now more than ever. Duke presents the ideal opportunity to expand my skillset and build the dexterity to champion better policies for African youth to succeed. To fulfil this mission, I am raising $50,000 to offset the cost of tuition and living expenses at Duke this Fall (August 2021). I am calling on you to invest in my audacious goal to create a more just world for young people by giving them the education they deserve.

Thank you for your love, encouragement and support! All those sharing, contributing, texting and calling... We are getting this degree by all means necessary.

With much love and appreciation,


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