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Cecilia Baraza Medical Fund

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My name is Bernard Baraza. Cecilia Baraza is my mother. Last year on the 7th of September 2020, my mother was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the Agha Khan University Hospital. This strange disease had never occurred in my family. As such, panic ensued and my family and I were prompted to seek a second opinion. She was consequently tested at The German Hospital and the results were consistent to the earlier diagnosis. She had developed a lesion which was 3 cm long, whose effects were felt around her neck area. Breathing became a problem and the growing pain transformed her to a person who needed constant sedation just to be active. Talking in itself became akin to a task. 

What followed was a CT scan and an MRI scan from Kenyatta National Hosptial which revealed that she is to undergo surgery followed by radio therapy to kill any leftover cancerous cells. My plea to you is aid my mom raise urgently required medical funds for the radio therapy as well as purchase of surgical equipment which are not covered under the national hospital insurance fund.


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